<![CDATA[Happy Monster Press - Blog]]>Thu, 19 Apr 2018 12:50:13 -0400Weebly<![CDATA[ETU Actual Play with the Roll20 Gang - 4/18/18]]>Thu, 19 Apr 2018 16:32:33 GMThttp://happymonsterpress.com/blog/etu-actual-play-with-the-roll20-gang-41818The junior's new adventure began with a call to Matt, who had become a fairly celebrated on-campus journalist. The caller claimed to have an explanation for a series of pet disappearances, which rumor credited to a Satanic cult. Matt agreed to pay the caller for his information and to meet him at the Pinebox Cemetery Tuesday night. "Bring a camera," the caller suggested, but Matt did more than that - he brought the rest of the team as well.

At the cemetery, the caller, who identified himself as Lester, met the students at the entrance, then took them to a hiding place where he said they would be able to see a genuine chupacabra. Nearby, a couple of the students saw a whimpering puppy chained to a tree. After a couple of hours of waiting, a rustling of branches heralded a grey form descending from the treetop towards the chained pup. Mariana and Lester both drew pistols and fired, but both missed; Ryo and Marco charged the creature, which on closer inspection appeared to be some kind of undead baboon.

The team's initial attacks only seemed to irritate the creature, who snatched up the puppy and started to climb the tree, only to be hindered by the chain. This gave Ryo and Marco the chance to strike again, and that, combined with some flash photography from Matt and gunfire from Mariana, led the baboon to abandon the puppy and take to the trees. Moments later, it leapt down from the treetops to attack Lester. However, Ryo quickly dashed to the rescue and neatly decapitated the baboon. Lester ran for it while the team inspected the creature, finding an ETU biology lab tag.  Following up on this lead, they discovered that Lester's fiance, a junior professor, had been experimenting with a drug to sustain brain and heart function in wounded patients, and Lester had administered the drug to a dying baboon as a prank. The professor agreed to destroy her work and pursue other avenues of research because of this horrible incident.]]>
<![CDATA[Legion of Liberty Session 3]]>Tue, 17 Apr 2018 16:17:59 GMThttp://happymonsterpress.com/blog/legion-of-liberty-session-3The Battle of Concord
First, a side note - this session ran on Patriots' Day, a Massachusetts holiday that commemorates the real-world battles of Lexington and Concord.  Now, on to the adventure:

Sam Adams and John Hancock have taken refuge in the town of Lexington, and have received word that a large British force with superhuman support is planning to march on Concord to confiscate militia arms and powder. Adams is working to muster militia forces to counter the British, but needs time to assemble as many troops as possible. He tasks the heroes with delaying the British advance by any means possible.

John achieves the first delay by transmuting some of the bridge supports along the road into clay, causing them to collapse when used. He also transmutes areas of the road into mud or quicksand, further delaying the British advance. Godot attempts a deception; he allows himself to be captured in hopes of planting a false memory in the British commander that he is a double-agent and has useful information, but unfortunately is not able to marshal his powers to plant the false memory. Fortunately, he is able to erase the memories of the officer charged with tying him to a caisson, and is therefore able to escape.

Suzanna, in addition to monitoring the British advance as a hawk, succeeds in transforming into a thunderbird, washing lightning over the British ranks and detonating some of their powder reserves, seriously disrupting their forces. The final delay comes from John, who uses his summoned stone bodyguard to set off a powder keg, injuring several of the British advanced guard.

As a result of these delays and damages, the colonists meet the British with nearly even numbers and the advantage of superior terrain. Godot, Francis and Jacoby all engage in the battle, with Jacoby especially wreaking havoc with his armored lobster form. All three are injured, but John is able to heal everyone except Godot, who is seriously hurt.

Clever tactics on the part of the colonists result in the complete destruction of the British force, with over 200 redcoats taken captive. Godot is able to recover over the next few weeks, as the colonists close in and besiege Boston.
<![CDATA[Savage Eclipse Phase]]>Fri, 13 Apr 2018 14:52:03 GMThttp://happymonsterpress.com/blog/savage-eclipse-phaseI've been watching Altered Carbon lately, and that show reminded me a lot of my Eclipse Phase campaign in Savage Worlds. As a result, I thought I'd offer up the adaptation I did for anyone who is interested. The rules adaptation definitely depends on having the Eclipse Phase core rulebook, but it's been thoroughly Savaged here.]]><![CDATA[ETU Actual Play with the Roll20 Gang - 4/11/18]]>Thu, 12 Apr 2018 16:07:46 GMThttp://happymonsterpress.com/blog/etu-actual-play-with-the-roll20-gang-41118Having run into more than their share of trouble over the last two years at ETU, the sleuths decided to attend a gun show in Houston and pick up some additional firepower - a .357 revolver for CP and a shotgun for Matt. On their return trip, while driving Marina's SUV on an isolated pine-forest road, several of the passengers spotted an eleven-year-old girl by the side of the road, and Matt heard a voice in his head - the voice of a small girl saying, "Help me. Help her."

Mariana turned around and the juniors investigated the area where they had seen the girl. Troy found no tracks in any direction, but Ryo discovered some old police crime scene tape and a small funeral wreath in the area. Marco remembered hearing about a missing girl's body being found in the area, and some quick Internet searches revealed the girl's name was Christina Levens, and described her abduction from her home. CP and Matt attempted to raise her spirit to speak with them, but did not succeed. While they did so, however, Marco recalled a recent Amber Alert and determined that a 10-year-old girl had gone missing two days before.

The group headed to the neighborhood where Christina was abducted, and found the Levens' house without much difficulty. The house had a "For Sale" sign out front and appeared deserted, but Mariana caught sight of some movement inside. Troy managed to pick the lock and enter the house, which had clearly not been occupied for months. Pictures on the walls showed Christina and her parents. As the team began to wrap up their search, the ghost of Christina reappeared in the living room, pointed out the front window, and shook her head sadly. She appeared to have been pointing at a neighbor across the street who was unloading groceries from his car.

CP confronted the neighbor, who became very agitated when questioned about the little girl and entered the house, turning on some loud music. Marco, however, heard faint cries over the music, suggesting the missing girl might be inside. The group split up, with Troy and Ryo going to the back door; CP, Matt, and Mariana to the front; and Marco to a window. Marco threw a rock through the window as a distraction and CP and Ryo kicked their doors in.

In the house, they found the man brandishing a kitchen knife. Matt attempted to get him to freeze, aiming his new shotgun at him, but the man didn't stop, and Ryo engaged him in hand-to-hand combat. With the help of gunfire from Mariana and CP and slingshot fire from Troy, Ryo managed to knock out the man as sirens approached. The team found the girl in a hidden space under the kitchen floor and carefully brought her and the abductor outside, where he was taken into custody. The grateful police provided each sleuth with a $600 reward and waived all charges associated with breaking into the house using the Good Samaritan clause.]]>
<![CDATA[Legion of Liberty Session 2 - The Battle of Salem]]>Tue, 10 Apr 2018 16:45:29 GMThttp://happymonsterpress.com/blog/legion-of-liberty-session-2-the-battle-of-salem
As the British 64th Foot approached the North Bridge, the colonial militia formed a line on the riverbank blocking their path. The British formed line around 20 paces away, and the heroes noted two Greycoats (members of the Royal Superhuman Regiments) taking position on each flank. On the British right, facing Paul Revere, Francis Parry, and John Lyttelton, an English woman and a Wampanoag man stood, while on the colonial right, Suzanna and Jacoby Barnes faced off against two English men, with Godot concealed in a nearby tree with his rifle.

The two commanders, Colonel Leslie for the British and Colonel Pickering for the colonists, met between the lines and talked, apparently with some heat, then returned to their positions. One of the colonists fired his musket without orders, and the Battle of Salem began.

John identified the Greycoat woman as Jane "Mauler" Goode, a close combat specialist. She produced razor sharp porcupine quills on her arms and charged Revere, who was able to evade with his super speed and silver force field. Revere countered with his saber, temporarily setting her back. John summoned his stone bodyguard and sent him to Revere's assistance. The Wampanoag sent out a sonic blast at John and Francis, doing no damage but interfering with Francis's summoning of his fire axe. Francis instead charged at the Wampanoag, knocking him prone.

On the colonial right, the two Greycoats both disappeared, one melting into the ground and one simply vanishing. Jacoby and Suzanna assumed lobster and bear forms respectively, and when the burrower popped up next to Suzanna, her keen senses allowed her to anticipate his attack and avoid any harm. The invisible Greycoat attempted to seize control of Jacoby's mind, but without success. Godot fired his rifle at the burrower, narrowly missing him, but Suzanna's bear-form mauled and pinned the burrower.

Back on the left, Mauler Goode got the better of Revere, severely injuring him, and the Wampanoag did some serious damage to Francis with sonic bolts. John, however, was able to heal Francis, only for both heroes to be caught in another sonic blast from the grounded Wampanoag. Although injured, the two managed to kill the downed Greycoat with pistol fire while John's guardian fought Goode.

On the right, the invisible Greycoat succeeded in temporarily seizing control of Suzanna, but not for long enough to avoid Jacoby slaughtering his comrade. Suzanna's keen senses allowed her to attack the invisible Greycoat, and the battle seemed to be favoring the heroes for a moment... until the colonial lines broke. The heroes covered the retreating colonists, and John's guardian carried the injured Revere from the field, but the first attempt at rebellion in New England had failed.

Emboldened by Leslie's victory, Governor Gage is now assembling an elite force of Grenadier and Light Company soldiers to seize the colonial arms cache in Lexington, as well as to capture known rebels Sam Adams and John Hancock. However, Adams has a plan to meet the British with overwhelming force, if the heroes can manage to delay the British march....