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The Happy Monsters are packing up the Bag of Holding for Arisia! Every year, we bring new ideas, cooler props, and more action-packed adventures for our players. This year, we’ve made character tokens and Chase cards for the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Chase rules. Will Philomon Smith successfully transform into the Plymouth Rock Boy and burst through that runaway peddler's cart in Revolutionary War era Manhattan? Will Varinia the Yellow Reaper dragon explode through a flock of seagulls over Napoleonic Malta without getting one stuck in her teeth? Will Peter Burnes dodge bumper-to-bumper Tinker Mage traffic in post-apocalyptic Peterborough without getting turned into a robot newt? Join us at Arisia 2019 to find out!
<![CDATA[Athercon VII Panel Discussion - Post-Apocalyptic RPGs]]>Tue, 15 Jan 2019 16:52:34 GMThttp://happymonsterpress.com/blog/athercon-vii-panel-discussion-post-apocalyptic-rpgsAs Happy Monster gears up for Arisia 2019, here's a flashback to last year's Athercon, where Scott spoke on the panel for Post-Apocalyptic RPGs.
<![CDATA[Legion of Liberty Session 25: Finale]]>Sun, 13 Jan 2019 19:14:33 GMThttp://happymonsterpress.com/blog/legion-of-liberty-session-25-finale
Having rescued the captive Legionnaires from the Order of Seventh Circle, the heroes rejoin Washington at the siege of Yorktown, which they hope will be the deciding battle of the American Revolution.
Sent to Yorktown to build a secure naval port, Cornwallis finds himself cut off from his food, armament, and ammunition supply lines, surrounded by enemy artillery, cavalry, and infantry, and outnumbered nearly two-to-one. Washington is confident he can deliver a decisive victory over the British, especially if he brings his cannons in range of Yorktown. The city is protected by several small redoubts (above-ground fortifications made of earth and sharpened logs). On a moonless October night, Washington proposes to capture two of these redoubts and convert them into artillery emplacements, from which to bombard Yorktown.
The redoubts are reinforced with Greycoats, so Washington assigns Godot and his squad of superhumans to Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Hamilton, who will lead one of the assaults. As reinforcement, Washington also assigns Sara Wilde (“The Salem Witch”) to the assault.
Moving out in the dead of night, Hamilton’s combined forces (400 light infantry and five superhumans) storm the walls of the redoubt, taking 70 British soldiers and four Greycoats by surprise. The Greycoats, Jane “Mauler” Goode, the Giblin twins, and Deganawidah, quickly counter-attack. Mauler goes for Jacoby the Boston Lobster Man, but the vicious bone spurs on her arms are unable to penetrate his awesomely tough lobster carapace; Jacoby strikes back with a devastating combination of claw attacks that leaves Mauler bleeding and unconscious on the ground. Shapeshifted into a hippopotamus, Suzanna charges young Deganawidah, whose sonic blasts bounce harmlessly against her splendid hippopotamus hide. Suzanna’s attempt to mimic the sonic blasts fails, so she just bites him, crushing his torso and laying him out.
Francis charges one of the Giblins (Patrick) with his fire axe and sword, as Godot blasts the remaining Greycoats with a psychic explosion. Wounded and ablaze, Patrick merges with the soil to escape, as his brother (Joseph) summons an ally (a stone soldier). Sara, flying overhead on her broom, fires witch bolts to distract the combatants as Jacoby seizes the remaining Giblin in his crushing claw. Just then, Patrick Giblin rises out of the ground and sabres Jacoby in the back, but Jacoby easily brushes off the blow. Sara distracts Patrick with a witch bolt as Francis brains Joseph with his flaming axe; Patrick stabs at Jacoby again, but his failure is critical, and his sword breaks into a humiliating stump. As Patrick attempts to summon his own stone soldier, Jacoby strikes him down with his slicing claw. Meanwhile, Hamilton’s overwhelming numbers rout the British infantry, leaving the field strewn with red-coated corpses.
Washington bombards Yorktown into submission, leaving most of Cornwallis’s troops and Greycoats killed or captured. The British surrender, unconditionally, and the United States of America is born!
<![CDATA[ETU Actual Play with the Roll20 Gang - 1/9/19]]>Sat, 12 Jan 2019 18:21:33 GMThttp://happymonsterpress.com/blog/etu-actual-play-with-the-roll20-gang-1919
Previously, the heroes split into two groups, the first to sabotage the chupacabra temperature controls in the Sweet Heart underground base, and the second to poison the incubator water supply.

The temperature control team triggers a lockdown, and, responding to the blaring alarm, Jackson leads them to an alternate exit in the old missile silo. Meanwhile, the water supply team hears the alarm, but, unaware of the lockdown, they head for the main entrance. The teams are relieved to see each other when they arrive at the primary corridor, but their relief is short-lived, as a pack of chupacabra bursts into the long corridor between them. Mariana roasts several chupacabras with the Zippo Lighter from Hell, and Ryo slices several others to pieces with his flashing katana. The hacking team doesn’t fare as well, and the chupacabra pack leader rakes Matt with its claws. Paul, the small chupacabra he befriended while spying on the base, leaps over Matt and tries to claw the pack leader, but is easily swatted aside. Marco crushes monster skulls with a baseball bat, and Matt blasts the chupacabra leader and its remaining followers with his shotgun, as Jackson quickly performs first aid on Paul. Limping through the missile silo toward the alternate exit, the heroes find themselves in a vast warehouse of incubation pods, thousands of them, that will not hatch, thanks to their efforts. Back at the campsite, Jackson advises his friends to keep a low profile while they map out ley lines to figure out the exact location of the Convergence.
The following day, CP and Matt analyze Troy’s data to determine that the Convergence might just happen in the Raven’s Nest stadium during graduation. With Walpurgis Night approaching, the heroes clean and stow their weapons before turning in for the night.
At 2AM, CP’s cell phone rings. The panicked unknown caller is ringing from the local cemetery, his voice straining over strange shuffling and groaning sounds in the background. Flexing his hacking skills, CP determines that the caller is Professor Cutter, previously a target of voodoo priestess Kevya Bordeaux. The students head for the cemetery, loaded for bear. The professor is standing in the middle of the cemetery, beckoning them closer. As they approach, Professor Cutter’s skin sloughs off to reveal a hideous demonic form. Zombies and skeletons rise from the earth and attack, sending Troy running off in a panic. Troy narrowly escapes the gnashing teeth and slashing claws and manages to shoot a zombie in the head with his wrist rocket. Mariana and CP light up their Zippos, Ryo draws his sword, and Marco his bat. Matt, too close to the attackers to use his shotgun effectively, wields it as a club.
The students quickly tear most of the zombies to pieces, but the demon shrugs off the attacks and lurches at Ryo. Ryo and the demon battle, sword versus claws, neither able to penetrate the other’s defenses. A skeleton rips Matt’s torso to shreds, but Mariana sets the skeleton on fire with her Zippo Lighter from Hell. As Ryo slashes the demon across the chest, Marco falls back with a bleeding arm, and CP burns Cutter with his Zippo, incinerating him. As the demon falls, the undead crumble to dust around them. The heroes whisk Matt to the hospital, telling the ER staff he was injured by a mountain lion. With Walpurgis Night one day away, the seniors wonder: What will happen next?
<![CDATA[Happy Monster at Arisia 2019]]>Wed, 02 Jan 2019 16:00:14 GMThttp://happymonsterpress.com/blog/happy-monster-at-arisia-2019Picture
Scott, the Happy Monster Press Gamemaster, will once again be running Savage Worlds at Arisia in Boston. 

All games take place at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel, in the Statler Room on the Mezzanine. Schedule follows:Scott will provide sample characters. Loaner dice will be available, or you can bring your own! 

We hope to see you there!