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a As their Junior year was winding to a close, the heroes found themselves at the Pizza Barn, enjoying a well-earned study break, when Marco and Ryo noticed another student athlete, Benito Ramirez, entering with a woman who appeared to be his girlfriend. Both noticed that Benito, formerly nicknamed "Too Small", seemed to have added some weight and height over the last year or so. The evening progressed, and Benito stepped away to the men's room. As soon as he left, a local cowboy-type started flirting with his girlfriend, and when he came back, Benito immediately got in the cowboy's face. Most of the students, with the exception of Mariana and Matt, started towards the fight, and most of them also noticed when Benito seemed to grow larger and his skin turn ashen. Between Benito, Marco, Ryo, CP, and Troy, the cowboy and his three wingmen were quickly knocked out, but Benito proceeded to attack Ryo, not seeming in control of himself. Fortunately, the heroes were able to render him unconscious as well, at which point the Pizza Barn bouncer evicted the lot of them.

In the parking lot, CP explained to onlookers that "our friend has had a little too much", and they took him back to their hideout for interrogation. Unfortunately, Benito did not cooperate and quickly broke his bonds, running into the night as the heroes pursued...
<![CDATA[Roll20Con]]>Wed, 13 Jun 2018 15:41:33 GMThttp://happymonsterpress.com/blog/roll20conI will be running an online game for Roll20Con again this year! The game is an excerpt from the Children of the Apocalypse campaign, and will run starting at 2:00 PM Eastern time on June 23. You'll find "Those Who Would Be Gods" on the Roll20.net Join a Game page - search for Savage Worlds and Roll20Con2018 and it's right up top. Hope to see some of you there!]]><![CDATA[ETU Actual Play with the Roll20 Gang - 6/6/18]]>Thu, 07 Jun 2018 12:38:26 GMThttp://happymonsterpress.com/blog/etu-actual-play-with-the-roll20-gang-6618
Having determined the location of the witch who cursed the Brazen Hussy's beer, the Juniors returned to their vehicle, only to be intercepted by two fanged homunculi. The imps attacked, but were quickly dispatched by focused fire from the now heavily-armed investigators. The team piled into Mariana's SUV and headed for the witch's location in the abandoned Sunshine Motel.

On arrival, CP knocked on the front door, and, receiving no response, entered. He noticed some sound coming from one of the hallways, and followed the noise (along with the rest of the group) to room 118. Inside was an attractive Latina woman. CP attempted to charm her into lifting the curse, and she seemed initially responsive to his advances. However, as she moved up to nuzzle his neck, she transformed into a hideous creature and tried to sink her fangs into his veins. CP managed to dodge as two more imps burst out of the hotel closet. Marco got off a solid strike with his bat to the witch, but she retreated and jumped out the window. While Matt, Troy, Mariana and Marco finished off the imps, CP chased the witch out the window, only to be blinded by some kind of darkness spell. While the witch escaped, the heroes were able to find ritual paraphernalia associated with the curse and destroy it, restoring the Brazen Hussy's microbrews to normal. With a job well done, the team headed for the Pizza Barn.
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The British attack on Sullivan's Island saw brave action by both Francis and Jacoby, both aiding General Charles Lee in repulsing the British attack. With Charleston temporarily safe, the Legion reported to Washington at Valley Forge. Unfortunately, the fighting against British forces had not gone well for the colonists over the last few months, and morale had become desperately low. Enlistments were down and desertion rampant. Washington needed a victory to restore the morale of the Continental Army, and he conceived of a bold plan to strike the Hessian cavalry garrisoning Trenton. Washington would cross the Delaware by night on Christmas and take the Hessians unawares with an enveloping attack.

To ensure the crossing's success, Washington orders the Legion to scout and secure the landing site. Suzanna transforms into a beaver and determines that a small force of Hessians is camped near the landing. With this intelligence, the team determines a plan of attack. Suzanna sneaks up to the picketed horses and shifts into a wolf, spooking and scattering them. Francis, Jacoby, and John's stone guardian engage with the Hessians, while Godot uses his newly acquired powers of confusion to sow chaos in the Hessian ranks. Several Hessians fall quickly to Jacoby's claws and Francis's energy axe, but one breaks and runs. Suzanna pursues in wolf form and the others quickly follow, chasing the lone survivor through the woods. As he pursues at super speed, Francis hops onto a fallen tree, takes aim, and shoots the last Hessian with his pistol, ensuring Washington's safe crossing.

Initially, Washington's attack goes well, but a lucky shot from the Hessian side takes down Washington himself and the Continentals break and run. Washington is taken captive, and the cause of liberty is in grave danger...