Legion of Liberty VTT Asset Pack

Complete set of maps and tokens to play Legion of Liberty on your favorite VTT.

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Run Legion of Liberty on your Favorite VTT!

Legion of Liberty: Superheroes of 1776 follows the adventures of a group of young superhuman heroes fighting for independence in the American colonies. As the war progresses, the heroes will develop new powers and find new enemies – and their actions can change the course of history.

Now you can bring Legion of Liberty to the virtual tabletop with the VTT Asset Pack! The Asset Pack contains:
  • 82 tokens for every character in the setting book and more
  • 49 maps in Universal VTT and PNG formats (gridded and non-gridded), covering all the adventures in the Plot Point Campaign and the Savage Tales
  • 25 images for use as backgrounds or for Chases, Mass Battles, and Dramatic Tasks
Most of the assets will also work great for any sort of early-modern, blackpowder-era game