Savage Worlds Urban Chase Deck

An Accessory for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition


Enhance your Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Chases with the custom Urban Chase Deck! Each card has a custom Complication to add flavor and excitement to Chase scenes. Dodge a beer truck, bounce off scaffolding, or push through a tavern brawl as you pursue or evade your enemies through a medieval, Renaissance, or early modern city!

Useable in any fantasy or modern setting in Urban environments. Requires the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition to use.

How to use the Chase Deck: Using the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Chase rules, deal the Chase Deck cards instead of the Action Deck cards in a row on the table. When a Complication arises, read and follow the text on the card instead of the standard Club/Spade/Heart/Diamond/Joker Complications in the book.