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* In High-Space 2nd Edition… The Wildcards Rule! *
In this expanded High-Space 2nd Edition RPG for Savage Worlds, your mission is to protect the PanDominion – the super advanced, ultra-tech, utopian civilisation where hundreds of species and worlds live in harmony.

But you’re anything but a perfect citizen. You’re a genetic throwback. A danger. A wildcard. You and your fellow Wildcards crave visceral and exciting adventures.

You seek out dangerous battles and go on ultra-secretive missions to fight alien threats. Only you can do the dirty deeds needed to protect the future. In this galactic epic, you are the reluctant super-tech hero… and villain.

244 pages, rich setting & transhuman, aliens & synthetic lifeforms, starship construction and cinematic space battles!

The Monster Hunters’ Club is a licensed setting for the Savage Worlds Roleplaying Game set in the 1980s and inspired by kids’ adventure and horror films, television, and novels like E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, The Goonies, The Monster Squad, The Lost Boys, Fright Night, It, Super 8, Stranger Things, and many more. Players take on the roles of children, growing up in the 80s, who become heroes.

Titan Effect RPG is a licensed campaign setting for Savage Worlds. Titan Effect is set in a contemporary world where psychic spies clash with genetically enhanced soldiers in a secret war in which the future of human evolution is at stake. Take on the role of a trained operative gifted with psychic abilities. Perform dangerous missions all over the world for the international clandestine organization known as the SPEAR, and fight against dangerous creatures and organizations. Survive long enough, and maybe you will be able to make a difference.

The Blackwood is Grimm’s Tales directed by Zhang Yimou. It adapts American folklore in the same way the Witcher series adapts European tales. The Blackwood is the story of humanity in a vast, magical forest, with poignant themes of environmental danger and political upheaval amid high-flying fantasy action. The Elder King has been gone for fourteen years, and only the wit and daring of errant adventurers can uncover the secrets needed to restore harmony and prosperity to the kingdom. But the Blackwood is the home of the strange and magical elves, most of whom would do anything to rid their domain of human corruption.

But what is Wiseguys you say? Lemme fill you guys in.

Wiseguys is a Las Vegas crime setting inspired by the movie Casino by Martin Scorsese, and crime fiction movies by Quentin Tarantino of the 90s such as Reservoir Dogs. It also includes character options, setting rules, and a robust bestiary that can be used to run campaigns featuring organized crime protagonists or antagonists.

Daring heists, high-speed chases, turf wars, networking shenanigans, hijackings, mob hits, and desert hole digging await you in Wiseguys as you retake the city that was once yours – all the while dealing with the tribulations of your personal and professional life!

Sprawlrunners is a 71-pages setting-agnostic Savage Worlds toolkit to help you run cyberpunk (with optional magic) in your games! It pays hommage to the classic cyberpunk games of old, bringing their (partially mythically enhanced) flavor to the Fast! Furious! Fun! of the Savage Worlds system.

Sprawlrunners includes:

Rules and ideas for playable species and how to integrate them in a – potentially magical – cyberpunk world (4 in addition to humans included)
Edges and Hindrances to enhance a cyberpunk feeling (connecting many systems in Sprawlrunners to tie them into character Advances)
Two different sets of rules for Hacking in cyberspace (the lightning-quick Fast Lane or the more detailed Slow Burn)
Jockeys – characters who control vehicles and drones remotely or directly via implants (plus their toys, drones and vehicles!)
A full system for integrating gear and implants into character Advances instead of keeping track of currency
Rules to integrate cyberware into character Advances instead of adding another subsystem to the game
Generic gear typical for cyberpunk settings (including customizable weapons!)
Optional rules for magic in a cyberpunk world (special gear and three Arcane Backgrounds, one of which is brand new!)