In the ruins of an ancient city, a band of treasure hunters seeks ancient artifacts to fuel the creations of a powerful Tinker Mage. Armies trade musket fire across rolling hills as pikemen brace to receive a charge of monstrous shock troops. An assassin in the service of the Goddess of Death and Disease sets a gunpowder charge beneath the foundations of a rival church. A wizard faces down a psion in an arcane duel for possession of a trove of ancient texts. All these adventures and more are daily occurrences in the world of Children of the Apocalypse, a post-apocalyptic fantasy setting for Savage Worlds. 

Legend tells of how the ancient, technologically advanced civilization of Earth fell in the devastating War of the Gods. The final blow in that war was a devastating plague that wiped out almost every living humanoid, with only a tiny fraction left to rebuild civilization. Much has been achieved under the auspices of the Four benign deities, Iset (Justice and Learning), Edward (Magic and Psionics), Jonas (Tinkers and Scientists), and Rahel (Law and War). New cities have risen, far from the haunted ruins of the old. Lost technologies have been rediscovered, including the recent addition of gunpowder as a tool for construction and warfare. Alongside these cities have also risen dominions of beastmen and other twisted creatures, some building cities and civilizations of their own. There, and also in the shadows of the humanoid cities, the dark gods plot and plan, always seeking advantage but never pressing to the point of triggering another war of the gods. But such a war is coming, and it will forever change the shape of the world.