Legion of Liberty: Superheroes of 1776 follows the adventures of a group of young superhuman heroes fighting for independence in the American colonies. As the war progresses, the heroes will develop new powers and find new enemies – and their actions can change the course of history.

In the Americas, a tiny percentage of people develop superpowers around the age of 12. All of the European powers are competing for colonization in part to acquire these superhumans and use them in their ongoing power struggles in Europe. The British conscript their superhumans into the Royal Superhuman Regiment – the notorious Greycoats; the Sons of Liberty, however, have hidden some young superhumans, waiting for the right time to rebel against the tyranny of King George.

The Legion of Liberty Setting Book has:

  • 22 new Edges and Hindrances for building superhuman heroes
  • 18 new Powers ranging from shifting your body into solid rock to controlling the weather
  • Rules for superpowered skirmishes on black powder battlefields
  • A complete Plot Point Campaign where the results of one battle determine where the heroes will fight next
  • An adventure generator for raids, battles, reconnaissance and skullduggery in the revolution
  • Rules fully compatible with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition!