Art as Far as the Eye Can See

As I get ready for the January Kickstarter of Children of the Apocalypse, I’ve been reading the excellent advice at Jamey Stegmaier’s blog over at Stonemaier Games. (Stonemaier, by the way, publishes amazing board games, including one of my favorites, Viticulture, and another I’m dying to try out, Scythe.) One piece of advice was to make sure you provide excellent art – and that’s definitely on my target list for my project. More specifically, he suggested I try, where youu can post a job offer ranging from small freelance work to full-time jobs. I posted an initial request for quotes from artists, and the response blew me away. Today the 100th artist sent me a proposal and portfolio – that’s five days after I posted, and that means an average of 20 artists per day. Joy and I have been doing our best to parse out all of these artists, and it’s hard, because they are all really talented and all provide interesting styles for characters, environments, and scenes. If you are looking to commission art for a project, this is definitely the place to go. As an example, some of these artists have done work for Sega, Wizards of the Coast, and Hasbro, among other clients. Little old Happy Monster Press is swimming with the big fish! These are the artists I’m going to be using for the final project, and I’m super excited to have such a great selection of talented people to work with.

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