Kickstarter from the Inside: Day 5

It’s the end of the first “business week” of my Kickstarter, and I’ve cracked the 25% mark. It’s been an interesting week. Here’s some highlights:

  • The amount of marketing and promotional spam I’ve received on Kickstarter is remarkable. One site promised me thousands of dollars from “Super Backers”; another suggested my story could be on Huffington Post. I’m pretty excited about my game setting and all, but HuffPo might have some other things to cover.
  • The curve of backers is interesting. By far the most effective promotion so far, not surprisingly, was the direct mention by Pinnacle. That caused a significant spike, but we’ve been plugging along adding backers steadily since.
  • The community is awesome. I’ve received suggestions and encouragement from multiple backers as well as fellow designers, and many of them have been useful and implemented quickly.

I’m hopeful for a successful campaign, but also realistic – this is my first one, and around 2/3 of Kickstarters don’t hit their funding goal. Regardless of the outcome, though, this has been a great experience, and I’ve learned a lot that will stand me in good stead for campaign #2.

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