Board Game Meetup in the Snow

This morning, I (Scott) hosted part of the monthly Beverly, MA Library Board Game Meetup. Thanks to a snow parking ban and generally poor weather, turnout was smaller than usual, but a good dozen gamers braved the frosty air for some gaming action.

I and two others arrived well before most of the group, so we kicked the day off with a quick game of Parade. Parade is an awesome filler game with simple rules but really deep strategy. Basically, you are trying to collect as few cards as possible when you place a new card at the end of the parade (a row of cards). For more about Parade, check out the video below:

Most of my gaming time was spent teaching Tiny Epic Western, which is a deceptively simple Euro-style game with a fun poker-based mechanic. In Tiny Epic Western, players try to develop a small Western town in a way that gets them the most influence, by building buildings and promoting specific industries like the railroad. Unlike most Euro games, if someone takes the spot you want, there’s a way to take it from them – you can engage in a gunfighting duel with cool bullet-shaped dice. For more on Tiny Epic Western, check out this video:

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