Review: Ta-Da! by CMON Games

Sometimes at the end of your game night, you want a quick game to wrap things up and let everyone leave on a high note. Or, you might need a quick game you can play in 10-15 minutes to fill in between rounds of massive Eurogames or strategic battles. Ta-Da! from CMON is perfect for this purpose.

The premise of Ta-Da! is that the players are competing in the Wizard Talent Show. The first player to cast six spells wins. Casting spells is simply a matter of rolling dice and, one at a time, placing them on the matching symbols on the spell card. Simple, right?

The complication, and the fun, comes from the fact that the judges are bored. So they impose a condition on each round. All the players might have to hold their fingers under their noses like mustaches, karate chop the table whenever they roll, or cover one eye and say “Arr” like a pirate when they lock a die. Any player who fails to meet the conditions automatically loses that round. For extra fun, some completed spells can be cast on other players, like “Shakius Bootius”, which requires the player to get up and dance before starting to roll next round.

All of this results in a goofy, chaotic mess at the table, and the results tend to be fun and hilarity for any group that doesn’t take themselves too seriously. If your group can handle the silliness, this game is amazing.


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