Paint Shop: Blood Rage Bear Clan

I’ve been getting back into regular painting, and caught up with the partially-finished Blood Rage Bear Clan from my previous work in process. I wanted to theme four of the clans for the seasons, so the Bear are the Winter clan.

Battle of the Box Inserts: Broken Token vs. Go 7 Gaming vs. Folded Space

Partly in an effort to speed up setups and partly to save space on my game shelves, I’ve been slowly picking up inserts for my board game collection. The basic idea behind an insert is that it neatly packages all of the game components and, ideally, presents them in a ready-to-play fashion. This can range […]

Chase Decks and Sales!

It’s a busy week on DriveThruRPG for Happy Monster Press! First off, we’ve published two new products – Chase Decks for Rural and (pre-modern) Urban environments. One of the big changes in the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition is a complete new set of Chase rules. In the new rules, players maneuver on a row or array […]

Bayou Boar Hunt

Mah and the rest of the Tucket clan, along with MacTavish, are hunting Wild Boar. But in Malifaux, the pigs hunt back…

Arisia 2019 – Packing the Bag of Holding for the New Savage Worlds Chase Rules!

The Happy Monsters are packing up the Bag of Holding for Arisia! Every year, we bring new ideas, cooler props, and more action-packed adventures for our players. This year, we’ve made character tokens and Chase cards for the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Chase rules. Will Philomon Smith successfully transform into the Plymouth Rock Boy and burst through that […]

Bayou Battleground

I’ve just finished my terrain for the Bayou Battleground for Malifaux. Very happy with the rock formations and the Plasticraft walkways in particular.

Ophelia LaCroix and the Kin

More Malifaux goodness this Friday with the LaCroix crew, featuring heavy hitters Ophelia and Francois LaCroix (plus gremlin mooning).

Som’er Teeth Jones and Crew

I’ve been doing quite a bit of painting lately in between playtesting Legion of Liberty. Without further ado, I present the Bayou Boss, Som’er Teeth Jones and his crew of gremlins and skeeters, from the game and land of Malifaux.

Painting – Malifaux Gremlin Taxidermist

I recently shared my thoughts on Citadel paints, and I thought I’d share today my first (almost) completed mini using them. I’m not finished with basing yet – I’m awaiting some additional materials before basing and varnishing, but I’m pretty happy with how he came out.