Children of the Apocalypse

Chase Decks and Sales!

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It’s a busy week on DriveThruRPG for Happy Monster Press! First off, we’ve published two new products – Chase Decks for Rural and (pre-modern) Urban environments. One of the big changes in the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition is a complete new set of Chase rules. In the new rules, players maneuver on a row or array […]


Arisia 2019 – Packing the Bag of Holding for the New Savage Worlds Chase Rules!

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The Happy Monsters are packing up the Bag of Holding for Arisia! Every year, we bring new ideas, cooler props, and more action-packed adventures for our players. This year, we’ve made character tokens and Chase cards for the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Chase rules. Will Philomon Smith successfully transform into the Plymouth Rock Boy and burst through that […]


Review – Citadel Paints

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My lovely wife got me a selection of Citadel paints from Games Workshop for Christmas; as I was in the middle of painting the Blood Rage Ram Clan, so I continued on with those paints, and today was my first time out with the Citadels. Up to now, I’ve mainly been using Reaper paints, with a […]