Relics and Rayguns Episode 29: The Living Base

The Blind Jump crew have moved on to a new solar system. On a cold, dusty red planet, they discover a strange construct, seemingly half building, half creature. One entrance at either end appears viable – a mouth-like orifice with razor-sharp metallic teeth in continual chomping motion, and a tightly closed sphincter. The crew opts […]

Relics and Rayguns Episode 28: The Brains

The Blind Jump crew are exploring an alien space station that appears to be haunted. After fighting off hostile ghost-like creatures, they continue further into the station. As they explore, the floor suddenly starts to feel strange, almost as though the flat floor was made of rollers. Whooey scans the floor, but can’t figure out […]

Relics and Rayguns Episode 27: The Octohedron

After resupplying on Tlaina, the Blind Jump crew jumps to a new set of coordinates. The star system they discover is largely empty; a star has inflated to a red giant and then collapsed, leaving the system mostly empty. However, an octohedral space station orbits near the wormhole exit node, with four docking ports spread […]

Relics and Rayguns Episode 26: The Catacombs

The Blind Jump crew have discovered a treasure – an intact Founder City. At the center of the city, they discovered a sort of temple, and inside, the entrance to a series of catacombs. They descend, seeking the next fragmented coordinate that would lead them to the massive starship they saw at the beginning of […]

Happy MonsterCast Episode 36: Hostage Rescue!

The rebel superhumans infiltrate New York City on a hostage rescue mission! With special appearances by Alexander Hamilton, Hercules Mulligan, and Cato. Featuring Brendan, Frankie, Jung Soo, Bob, and Frank of the Foundry Gang.

Relics and Rayguns Episode 25: Founder City

After locating the coordinate fragment on a gas giant mining station, the crew of the Blind Jump heads for a new star system. The new system has ten planets, six of them gas giants. Three rocky inner planets orbit close to the star, and one of the planets appears possibly to contain life. Some electromagnetic […]

Happy MonsterCast Episode 35: Bunker Hill

This week, the American revolutionary superhumans face off with the redcoats again in the Battle of Bunker Hill. Featuring Frankie, Jung Soo, Brendan, Bob, and Frank of the Foundry Gang.