Review: Farting Frenchies

Farting Frenchies is a game about stinky flat-faced dogs. Since I own such a dog (admittedly a pug, not a Frenchie, but definitely qualifying on the stinky front), I decided to jump in when I saw the game on Kickstarter. The mechanics of the game are a fairly conventional mix of draw-one play-one and set […]

Quarantine Gaming Review – Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion

In April, designer Isaac Childres Kickstarted his follow-up to the hugely successful Gloomhaven. Frosthaven is a major expansion to the Gloomhaven world, with new mechanics, chararacter classes, and adventures to play, and I am among the 83,193 backers who made it the #1 funded board game Kickstarter so far. Gloomhaven is also, however, a 3.84 […]

Quarantine Gaming: Terraforming Mars

As part of our quarantine coping, Joy and I are busting out two-player and solo board games to pass the time. We’re a bit late to the party on this one, but we recently picked up Terraforming Mars by Stronghold Games and tried it on for size. The setup for a two player game was […]

Board Game Review: Tang Garden

Tang Garden, from Thundergryph Games, is a 1-4 player game of garden design set in the Tang Dynasty of China. When I saw the game on Kickstarter, I immediately fell in love with the theme. I have players in my regular board game group who don’t really like head-to-head battle games, but enjoy more aesthetic […]

Board Game Review: Root

Root is a strategy board game of woodland conquest for 2-4 players, or 1-6 with expansions. The back story for the game is that the Marquise de Cat has taken advantage of the decadence of the Eyrie Dynasties (pronounced air-y unless you want scowls across the table in my house!) to conquer the woodlands and […]