Relics and Rayguns Episode 25: Founder City

After locating the coordinate fragment on a gas giant mining station, the crew of the Blind Jump heads for a new star system. The new system has ten planets, six of them gas giants. Three rocky inner planets orbit close to the star, and one of the planets appears possibly to contain life. Some electromagnetic […]

Relics and Rayguns Episode 24: The Vortex

The Blind Jump crew have discovered a gas giant mining station… and another prospecting ship docked nearby. In the midst of a fight with Founder biodrones, a group of power-armored figures entered and demanded the crew leave at once. Max disagreed, and the fight was on. The nominal leader of the enemy fires a plasma […]

Relics and Rayguns Episode 23: Mining Station

Reunited after Max, Whooey, Lefty and Miaulong’s exploration of the Churak pyramid, the Blind Jump crew quickly heads for the next jump exit on their coordinate list. The system they discover has eight planets: three rocky inner planets, one with plant life, and five gas giants, one with a large funnel-shaped Founder station in orbit. […]

Relics and Rayguns Episode 22: Into the Pyramid

After accidentally poisoning the settlement of native Churaks, the crew decides to split up, with Binx and Shuhb remaining outside to tend to the sick while Max, Whooey, Miaulong and Lefty explore the Founder pyramid. The four explorers pass the incapacitated guards and head for the pyramid entrance. Inside, they find a large, columned space […]

Happy MonsterCast Episode 34: The Battle of Salem

Elijah Allen’s squad of superhumans fight the Battle of Salem alongside Paul Revere, the Silver Speedster, and the American Revolution begins! Featuring Frankie, Jung Soo, Bob, Frank, and Brendan of the Foundry Gang.

Happy MonsterCast Episode 33: Escape to Salem

This week, Elijah Allen’s squad of superhumans completes their rescue mission for Paul Revere, the Silver Speedster, and heads for Salem to rendezvous with the colonial militia. Featuring Frankie, Jung Soo, Brendan, Frank, and Bob of the Foundry Gang.

Relics and Rayguns Episode 21: Planet of the Churaks

The Blind Jump crew have discovered a Founder installation on a world full of plant and animal life. The installation is in the form of a pyramid, and as the crew observes from orbit, is surrounded by a settlement inhabited by indigenous sentient life. The local life forms are primitive, at roughly the Iron Age […]

Relics and Rayguns Episode 20: The Garden

The crew of the Blind Jump, having settled their argument about smart rope, begins to cross the bile swamp in the large alien obelisk. Whooey enters the pool and carefully probes ahead with Binx’s smartrope. As he moves across, he sees ripples of movement in the opaque fluid. He quickly retreats, and the crew considers […]

Relics and Rayguns Episode 19: Ascending the Obelisk

The crew of the Blind Jump continues their exploration of the weirdly-biological Founder obelisk. Moving through one of the rubbery tubes that connect chambers in the structure, the crew encounters a hideous pustule pulsing with green and orange fluids on the wall. “I can’t tell if I’m fascinated or horrified, but that might be infected,” […]

Relics and Rayguns Episode 18: The Obelisk

The crew of the Blind Jump has finally left the bug-infested jungle world behind, and after a stop at the Place of Contemplation to recover and resupply, they head for their next blind wormhole exit node. The ship emerges from the wormhole in a yellow star system with ten large gas giants and two small […]