Obligatory Year in Review Post

2017 has been an… interesting year for a lot of folks, but it has been a big year for Happy Monster Press – this is our founding year, and the run up to our January 2018 Kickstarter. On the gaming front, this year saw me running ETU and Savage Rifts, improving my Roll20 GM skills, and starting the alpha testing of the superhero setting I’ll be building out next year. As has become a tradition, I ran Savage Worlds at Arisia 2017, including both the perennial favorite Space 1889 and a session of Children of the Apocalypse. Both were full tables (I cap the table at 8 players) with onlookers as well, so I’m hopeful for similar turnout for Arisia this year. Thus far, I seem to be the only Savage GM at Arisia, so I’m mostly competing with D&D and Pathfinder, with the odd Call of Cthulhu game here and there.

What about 2018? Well, we’ll be kicking off the new year with the Kickstarter for Children of the Apocalypse, in hopes of getting funding for some really great art for the setting book. Once that’s settled, I’ll be moving on to the next setting, which I’m really excited to start running. This one will have a lot more setting rules and will run superpowered heroes without the Superhero Companion, relying entirely on the core book and setting-specific rules to cover some powers that don’t come naturally from core. I hope all of my readers have a great and Savage New Year, and that you all follow through with all your gaming resolutions.


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