Legion of Liberty Design Notes: Superhumans and History

One significant worldbuilding challenge for Legion of Liberty was deciding how much the existence of superhumans would have changed history. Early on, we decided that superpowers were confined to the New World, meaning that they would have had no significant effect on European history until 1492. Afterwards, however, would the history of colonization have gone […]

Arisia 2019 – Packing the Bag of Holding for the New Savage Worlds Chase Rules!

The Happy Monsters are packing up the Bag of Holding for Arisia! Every year, we bring new ideas, cooler props, and more action-packed adventures for our players. This year, we’ve made character tokens and Chase cards for the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Chase rules. Will Philomon Smith successfully transform into the Plymouth Rock Boy and burst through that […]

Aether is Coming!

Aethercon VII is coming up in just over a week and a half! Aethercon is an online RPG convention – join from anywhere, play from anywhere – and best of all, it’s free! I’ll be there for four different events: November 9, 4PM EST – Live Industry Q&A – it’s an AMA with me to […]


I will be running an online game for Roll20Con again this year! The game is an excerpt from the Children of the Apocalypse campaign, and will run starting at 2:00 PM Eastern time on June 23. You’ll find “Those Who Would Be Gods” on the Roll20.net Join a Game page – search for Savage Worlds and Roll20Con2018 […]

Savage Temeraire: Longwings

The Longwings are, with the Regal Coppers, the central combat dragons in the British Aviator Corps. What makes them unique is their acid-spitting ability, a truly lethal combat skill that can cause major damage to ships, fortifications, and enemy dragons alike. Longwings are also noted for the quirk of only accepting female captains, with the […]

Savage Temeraire: Yellow Reaper

The Yellow Reaper is a much more modest-sized dragon than the enormous Regal Copper, and is a staple dragon of Britain’s medium-weight forces. Yellow ReaperAgility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d12+4, Vigor d10 Size: +7, Natural Armor +1, Flight 24, Climb 2, Toughness: 13/12 Aerial Acrobat: Receives a +2 on Chase rolls for aerial […]

Savage Temeraire: The Regal Copper

OK, so we have an idea of what it would mean to build a dragon PC – let’s look at some specific races, starting with the Regal Copper. Since dragon breeding fixes characteristics such as size and strength, dragon PCs would have set values for attributes, but would be able to select skills and dragon-specific […]

Con Report: Arisia 2018

Arisia 2018 is over, and as usual, was a great time. This year I kept the con fairly low-key, without committing to attend very many events, and so I spent a fair amount of time browsing the Dealer Room and the Art Show, listening to the musicians scattered around the con, and costume-watching. This year’s attendees […]

Arisia Prep

As I’ve noted previously, I’ll be running two games at Arisia, so I thought I’d walk through the preparation process. Some assumptions: the adventures I’m running already existed, and I’m running a theater of the mind game, so no minis or maps are required. Bennies: I picked up several small bags of chocolates at the […]

Review Part 2: Savage Core Rules Changes

In yesterday’s post, I talked about the content of the Savage World of Flash Gordon as it relates to the actual setting. Today, I’m talking about core rule changes.One of the major shifts is in the skills list. Climbing, Swimming, and Throwing have been combined into one skill, Athletics, which is Agility-based; Lockpicking is generalized to […]