Superfight – Round 2

Last night the Roll20 gang and I ran the first playtest of my forthcoming supers setting. As I thought might be the case, the No Power Points rule resulted in a lot of “squib” superpowers, with the players often invoking their abilities and failing completely to achieve anything. One idea I had to mitigate this is to give a bonus based on experience, such as +1 for Novices, +2 for Seasoned, and so on, to help offset the hefty penalties that come with higher Power Point cost abilities. Another option is to add an Edge “Power Mastery” that comes with those bonuses. For the next session, I’m going to try the +1 Novice bonus and see how much difference that makes. It does provide more of a steep power curve with experience, and I’m not sure I like the flavor of that. I may also try cutting the penalties in half and see how that works out. More detail as the playtests continue.


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