Kickstarter from the Inside: Podcasting

The Children of the Apocalypse Kickstarter campaign continues, and to reach the goal we’re going to need a lot more backers. One way to (hopefully) attract those backers is publicity, which led me to the Crowdfunding Cast, a podcast specifically dedicated to discussing active Kickstarter campaigns.

I’ve done lots of public speaking of various sorts; podcasting is a different experience, since you don’t have any visual cues from your audience, or even, in many cases, your interviewer. This particular cast ran on Google Hangouts, and we had about as long a pre-podcast conversation as the podcast itself.

Some thoughts on preparing for a podcast about your product:

  • Have your elevator pitch ready to go – you’ll need it to introduce the topic.
  • While you are at it, have a brief and relevant bio ready for yourself as well.
  • Make sure you can talk about comparable products or campaigns without disparaging them, but while highlighting what’s different about yours.
  • Ask for the sale – but not too much. Do invite people to buy or back, but not more than once, and not in a hard-sell or bitter fashion.
  • Be yourself – if you can be funny, great; if you’re super sincere, do that. Faking either one is a recipe for disaster.

If you’d like to see how I did, the podcast is here.

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