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Sophomore year began for the students with Professor Glen MacLanahan (“GlenMac”) asking them to continue the work of the vanished Jackson Greene in investigating occult occurrences, starting with some rumored weirdness at the Engineering Building. On investigating the building that evening, the group immediately noted unusual levels of psychic or ghost activity – both Troy’s psychic sensitivity and Ryo’s spirit wolf were on edge. Investigation of the first floor found a student curled up under a desk in one of the classrooms reciting numbers. The student claimed he had heard voices on the second floor, and that he was reciting numbers to keep the voices away. Mariana escorted him out of the building, and the group proceeded to the second floor.

As soon as they emerged from the stairwell, they saw two men dragging a third into one of the engineering labs. Approaching cautiously, they saw a strange machine in the lab that seemed to have opened some sort of a portal. The two men were working to force the third into the portal, while four others looked on and a young woman in the corner perused an old journal.

The heroes sprang into action, with Ryo and Marco engaging the men hand to hand and the others providing sling-shot fire support. Mariana dashed into the room and attempted to wrestle the book away from the young woman, while the rest of the team made fairly short work of the men. Unfortunately, the prisoner did touch the portal, scream, and then immediately change sides, and Ryo, Troy, and Marco were forced to subdue him as well.

Meanwhile, CP came to Mariana’s assistance and succeeded in wresting the book away and subduing the young woman. With all of their foes down, the group damaged the equipment enough to shut down the portal and then made off with it. CP’s study of the book allowed him to learn a protective tea ceremony to add to his list of ritual abilities.

Later in the term, the group received a job offer to catalogue and pack a large book collection from a deceased philanthropist. Working in his mansion over the weekend, they experienced some harmless haunting, but did not have any serious consequences until Saturday night, when the front door opened with a crash and a horde of zombies poured in! The group retreated to one of the libraries, except for Matt, who followed the zombies into another room and observed them searching the books, seemingly after specific volumes. Mariana decided to open fire with her Glock, killing a zombie, and the fight was on…


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