Savage Temeraire: The Regal Copper

OK, so we have an idea of what it would mean to build a dragon PC – let’s look at some specific races, starting with the Regal Copper. Since dragon breeding fixes characteristics such as size and strength, dragon PCs would have set values for attributes, but would be able to select skills and dragon-specific Edges.

The British aviation forces lack the fire-breathing breeds found in other nations, but they make up for it with the Regal Copper, the largest breed of dragon in the world. Named for their coppery scales, Regal Coppers are the backbone of many dragon formations in the Corps, providing unmatched strength in aerial combat as well as the ability to carry very large crews or cargoes.

Regal Copper
Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d12+10, Vigor d12

Size: 9 (gargantuan), Natural Armor +2, Flight 18, Climb 0, Toughness: 17/15

Hardy: Second Shaken results do not cause a Wound
Fear: Encountering a Regal Copper at or near the ground causes a Fear check for any foes

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