ETU Roll20 Gang Actual Play – 1/31

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The gang found themselves in a brawl with dozens of zombies. Most of the crew started in one library of the mansion, while Matt was off by himself in another. Strangely, the zombies did not bother Matt, but simply rummaged through piles of books as though searching for something specific.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang engaged with the zombies, mostly faring quite well, with Ryo and Marco connecting often with sword and bat, and CP punching two zombies to death with his bare hands. The zombies did not do as well at all, not even scratching the group.

In Matt’s library,  the zombies found the book they were looking for and began to move out into the hallway, with Matt following. Abruptly, a chandelier fell from the ceiling, crushing three of the zombies including the one with the book. As Matt watched, the remaining zombies pulled the book from the wreckage, only to have a bookshelf collapse from the wall and crush two more zombies, leaving only one standing. Matt decided to opt in to the fight and crushed the head of the last zombie with his trusty crowbar.

The remainder of the gang finished off their library’s zombies and moved into the hall, fighting two other groups of undead who were retreating with books. At last, the group’s luck failed as Ryo was hit hard by one of the monsters’ claws. With only two zombies standing but Ryo seriously hurt, the group needed to wrap things up quickly…

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