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ETU Actual Play with the Roll20 Gang – Feb 28

The ash monster that was once Professor Burton struck out at Matt again, and he barely managed to evade the creature before Mariana was able to finish it off with her Glock. A search of the Professor’s tent found nothing unusual, and the students set off for the center of the Burn to locate the spot where the strings on their map converged. 

The center of the Burn was a small hill, and repeated searches of it revealed only an old Texas Rangers badge with the number 10 inscribed on it. However, the whole area had an oppressive feel, relieved only slightly with the discovery of the badge. For a few minutes, faint screaming came from the interior of the hill, but Ryo’s careful search found no openings.

CP decided to attempt some rituals. The first, banish the darkness, only briefly lightened the air of oppression, and had no other effect. The second, grave speak, however, produced a ghostly Texas Ranger (badge number 7) who spoke briefly with the sophomores before disappearing, saying he had died in a battle against great evil and that more evil was coming. After his disappearance, a different voice chanted “The ley lines converge, the Convergence approaches” repeatedly before vanishing as well.

Puzzled by these events but with no real further leads, the heroes returned to campus. An obituary for Professor Burton cited his death from a brain tumor.

After exams and Christmas break, CP landed a role in ETU’s production of Cat on a Hot Tin roof. However, weird occurrences began during rehearsals, culminating in the collapse of a stage partition on some of the cast and crew. The team decided to investigate, but their first pass with ghost-hunting equipment showed no signs of haunting at all…


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