Legion of Liberty Session 1

Our four heroes arrived in Charleston harbor aboard the New England trader Sarah, carrying a cargo of rum. While Parry’s seasickness had plagued him on the voyage from Boston, he remained ready for action when the ship docked, but the captain, Kenneth Mills, encouraged him and the others to wait to disembark until he finished unloading his cargo. As the crew carried the rum kegs to the docks, a gentleman with two servants approached the captain, who directed him to the heroes.

The gentleman identified himself as Charles Pinckney, a member of the Sons of Liberty in South Carolina. He provided the team with the location of their target, Mr. John Lyttelton, at the Longmore plantation outside the city, and agreed to carry a message to Lyttelton telling him to expect rescue. Based on the intelligence he provided, the group decided to sneak up to the plantation via the tobacco fields and then improvise from there. The first part of this operation succeeded without a hitch, and the patriots found themselves concealed some distance from the back door of the plantation house, guarded by two Redcoats.

Suzanna transformed herself into a bat and flew past the guards and into the house, while the others snuck carefully to one side of the building. Once inside, Suzanna transformed and let the team in through a side window. With great care, they proceeded to Lyttelton’s room, to find him sound asleep with a brandy decanter near his hand.

After availing himself of the brandy, Parry woke Lyttelton, who proceeded to collect a valise and ask about the guards. Godot took the opportunity to sneak some of Lyttelton’s mother-of-pearl cufflinks into his pockets as Lyttelton left. Somewhat surprised the guards had not been “dealt with”, the prisoner nevertheless agreed to sneak out the window to the stables. Unfortunately, Lyttelton’s valise banged into an end table and alerted the guards, who entered from the front and back of the house.

Godot quickly snapped off a rifle shot that took one redcoat in the head; his comrade from the rear of the house stumbled over the corpse, slowing him down. The two in the front of the house fired at Barnes, but his thick carapace deflected both shots. Parry activated his super speed and knocked the Redcoat at the rear of the house backwards into the courtyard, and Suzanna, now in bear form, followed up and mauled him. Lyttelton summoned his stone guardian, which distracted the remaining British, allowing Barnes to kill one with his claws and Parry to shoot another, and the team escaped on horseback. British regulars gave chase, but between Parry setting them afire with his flaming axe, attacks from Suzanna in horse form, and musket fire from the others, the heroes escaped to a safe house in Charleston. 

From Charleston, the team took ship back to Boston on the Sarah; during the trip, Barnes related how the sudden manifestation of his claws had wreaked havoc on a fishing ship where he apprenticed, crushing his hopes of a career in the cod industry. In Boston, Sam Adams told the heroes that Governor Thomas Gage had discovered that the patriots were hiding a cache of 19 French cannon in Salem, and was dispatching Colonel Leslie‘s 64th Foot to confiscate them, along with a small detachment of Greycoats. Adams asked the heroes to travel to Salem and join Paul Revere, known as the Silver Speedster, under the leadership of Colonel Timothy Pickering, with the goal of repulsing the 64th. The Redcoats are coming, and a small band of heroes stands in their way…


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