Legion of Liberty Session 2

As the British 64th Foot approached the North Bridge, the colonial militia formed a line on the riverbank blocking their path. The British formed line around 20 paces away, and the heroes noted two Greycoats (members of the Royal Superhuman Regiments) taking position on each flank. On the British right, facing Paul Revere, Francis Parry, and John Lyttelton, an English woman and a Wampanoag man stood, while on the colonial right, Suzanna and Jacoby Barnes faced off against two English men, with Godot concealed in a nearby tree with his rifle.

The two commanders, Colonel Leslie for the British and Colonel Pickering for the colonists, met between the lines and talked, apparently with some heat, then returned to their positions. One of the colonists fired his musket without orders, and the Battle of Salem began.

John identified the Greycoat woman as Jane “Mauler” Goode, a close combat specialist. She produced razor sharp porcupine quills on her arms and charged Revere, who was able to evade with his super speed and silver force field. Revere countered with his saber, temporarily setting her back. John summoned his stone bodyguard and sent him to Revere’s assistance. The Wampanoag sent out a sonic blast at John and Francis, doing no damage but interfering with Francis’s summoning of his fire axe. Francis instead charged at the Wampanoag, knocking him prone.

On the colonial right, the two Greycoats both disappeared, one melting into the ground and one simply vanishing. Jacoby and Suzanna assumed lobster and bear forms respectively, and when the burrower popped up next to Suzanna, her keen senses allowed her to anticipate his attack and avoid any harm. The invisible Greycoat attempted to seize control of Jacoby’s mind, but without success. Godot fired his rifle at the burrower, narrowly missing him, but Suzanna’s bear-form mauled and pinned the burrower.

Back on the left, Mauler Goode got the better of Revere, severely injuring him, and the Wampanoag did some serious damage to Francis with sonic bolts. John, however, was able to heal Francis, only for both heroes to be caught in another sonic blast from the grounded Wampanoag. Although injured, the two managed to kill the downed Greycoat with pistol fire while John’s guardian fought Goode.

On the right, the invisible Greycoat succeeded in temporarily seizing control of Suzanna, but not for long enough to avoid Jacoby slaughtering his comrade. Suzanna’s keen senses allowed her to attack the invisible Greycoat, and the battle seemed to be favoring the heroes for a moment… until the colonial lines broke. The heroes covered the retreating colonists, and John’s guardian carried the injured Revere from the field, but the first attempt at rebellion in New England had failed.

Emboldened by Leslie’s victory, Governor Gage is now assembling an elite force of Grenadier and Light Company soldiers to seize the colonial arms cache in Lexington, as well as to capture known rebels Sam Adams and John Hancock. However, Adams has a plan to meet the British with overwhelming force, if the heroes can manage to delay the British march….

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