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ETU Actual Play with the Roll20 Gang – 6/6/18

Having determined the location of the witch who cursed the Brazen Hussy’s beer, the Juniors returned to their vehicle, only to be intercepted by two fanged homunculi. The imps attacked, but were quickly dispatched by focused fire from the now heavily-armed investigators. The team piled into Mariana’s SUV and headed for the witch’s location in the abandoned Sunshine Motel.

On arrival, CP knocked on the front door, and, receiving no response, entered. He noticed some sound coming from one of the hallways, and followed the noise (along with the rest of the group) to room 118. Inside was an attractive Latina woman. CP attempted to charm her into lifting the curse, and she seemed initially responsive to his advances. However, as she moved up to nuzzle his neck, she transformed into a hideous creature and tried to sink her fangs into his veins. CP managed to dodge as two more imps burst out of the hotel closet. Marco got off a solid strike with his bat to the witch, but she retreated and jumped out the window. While Matt, Troy, Mariana and Marco finished off the imps, CP chased the witch out the window, only to be blinded by some kind of darkness spell. While the witch escaped, the heroes were able to find ritual paraphernalia associated with the curse and destroy it, restoring the Brazen Hussy’s microbrews to normal. With a job well done, the team headed for the Pizza Barn.


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