ETU Actual Play with the Roll20 Gang – 6/13/18

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As their Junior year was winding to a close, the heroes found themselves at the Pizza Barn, enjoying a well-earned study break, when Marco and Ryo noticed another student athlete, Benito Ramirez, entering with a woman who appeared to be his girlfriend. Both noticed that Benito, formerly nicknamed “Too Small”, seemed to have added some weight and height over the last year or so. The evening progressed, and Benito stepped away to the men’s room. As soon as he left, a local cowboy-type started flirting with his girlfriend, and when he came back, Benito immediately got in the cowboy’s face. Most of the students, with the exception of Mariana and Matt, started towards the fight, and most of them also noticed when Benito seemed to grow larger and his skin turn ashen. Between Benito, Marco, Ryo, CP, and Troy, the cowboy and his three wingmen were quickly knocked out, but Benito proceeded to attack Ryo, not seeming in control of himself. Fortunately, the heroes were able to render him unconscious as well, at which point the Pizza Barn bouncer evicted the lot of them.

In the parking lot, CP explained to onlookers that “our friend has had a little too much”, and they took him back to their hideout for interrogation. Unfortunately, Benito did not cooperate and quickly broke his bonds, running into the night as the heroes pursued…

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