ETU Actual Play with the Roll20 Gang – 6/27/18

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The heroes pursued the “hulked-out” Benny “Too Small” Ramirez through the late-night streets of Pinebox, eventually tracking him to a small apartment building. Mariana’s keen hearing allowed them to locate Benny in his girlfriend’s apartment, chugging from a flask and at least marginally calmer, while Marco covered the rear exit of the building. The girlfriend, Marla, said that she was a personal trainer and that Benny was drinking a protein shake, but CP protested that “protein shakes” don’t cause you to swell up and turn gray. Marla said that she was training Benny and that the shakes were a new health product from a company called “Sweet Guns”. CP suggested that Marla try the shake, but she said it wasn’t designed for women and refused, then asked the team to leave or she would call the police. CP and Mariana called her bluff, and the police arrived and began questioning everyone.

At first, the Pinebox cops thought the juniors were drunk or high when they described Benny hulking out and attacking them; CP said they should search for drugs, but Marla refused them permission. Only when the cops turned their attention to Benny did things change; Benny took a swing at one of the officers and they tased him. The officers ended up bringing everyone down to the station, and eventually some of the police more familiar with the investigators’ work managed to spring the team. Afterwards, they heard that Benny was hospitalized and sedated, and that the police thought the “protein shakes” were definitely some kind of drug, but nothing that they’d seen before.

Towards the end of spring semester, Glenmac invited the juniors to Sunday brunch at the Faculty Club. There he introduced them to Professor LeGrevellec, a biology teacher at ETU. LeGrevellec showed the students security camera footage of a wolf-like biped attacking a woman in a lab. He said the woman was Dr. Aubrey Wright, one of two researchers in the lab, along with Dr. Allen Miller. LeGrevellec believed that the wolf-like creature was actually Dr. Miller, contaminated with one of his experiments in transgenic therapies. He asked the students to locate Miller before he hurt someone else, and speculated that Miller’s energy expenditure in the attack might have caused him to go into a deep sleep.

Troy hacked Miller’s email, which was suspiciously innocuous; the group concluded that Miller probably had a private email account for his research.

The team visited Miller’s home. Ryo located a spare key in a fake rock. A bit of searching located Miller’s home office. Troy was unable to access his laptop, but Mariana found two mass spectrometer printouts that indicated that Miller had at least two labs…

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