Legion of Liberty Session 9

With the attack on Trenton unsuccessful and General Washington captured, morale among the Continental Army was lower than ever. The Legion was now under the command of General Charles Lee, who seemed to see them as more of a nuisance than an asset. In late January, John Adams and Benjamin Tallmadge arrived to meet with Lee, but appeared unsatisfied with the meeting, and sought out Godot.

Adams and Tallmadge asked the Legion to participate in a rescue mission to free Washington. However, Lee had refused to release the Legion, and so Adams and Tallmadge asked for their aid in convincing him. Godot worked some of his mental wizardry and gave General Lee a memory of authorizing the mission, and the team departed for New York, where Washington was held on a prison hulk.

Jacoby’s boating skills and some disguises as fishermen saw the heroes to New York City safely, and they met up with their old friend Robert Townshend. Townshend directed them to the prison hulk; Godot determined from tavern gossip that a Lieutenant Madison was in command of the redcoats on the hulk, but seldom visited. The team hatched a plan to sneak aboard disguised as a delivery of rum and tobacco from the Lieutenant. This plan succeeded, and the heroes boarded the ship and began serving rum to the soliders. Meanwhile, Suzanna snuck aboard as an otter and disposed of the British signal rockets and lanterns.

Moments later, another boat came alongside, this one with a British officer aboard. The officer boarded along with 7 civilians, and as the redcoats greeted him, the native American superhuman Kahwihta boarded as well, this time in three different bodies. The redcoat officer stabbed the nearest redcoat and a melee ensued.

One Kahwihta ran to the lower decks, pursued by Suzanna and Godot. Francis activated his super speed and rammed one Kahwihta overboard, but the third badly injured Jacoby, who took to the ocean to escape. The redcoats and the newcomers began fighting, with Francis activating his fire axe and engaging Kahwihta.

Belowdecks, Godot and Suzanna observed Kahwihta fighting two redcoats. Guessing that Washington lay beyond, Suzanna shifted into rat form and located Washington. Transforming him in turn into a mouse, she grasped him in her jaws and ran for the boat. Godot snuck up on Kahwihta and mind-altered her to believe she had already killed Washington. He then psychically stunned her, allowing him to escape to the upper decks. She cursed him and said the Order would get them all; what the Order was, however, was unclear.

On deck, the redcoats and civilians both took heavy casualties. Kahwihta managed to wound Francis, but Francis came back with a solid hit and set her on fire. One of the redcoats landed a solid blow with a musket stock, and the two duplicate Kahwihtas disappeared, enabling the team’s escape.

Once back in Townshend’s tavern, the group debriefed with Washington. Townshend had heard of something called the “Order of the Second Circle” that was associated with the Hellfire Club in New York. More importantly, Suzanna’s intelligence that the crown prince of Britain was in New York prompted a desperate plan from Washington…

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