ETU Actual Play with the Roll20 Gang – 7/18/18

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Having found no information of note at Dr. Miller’s home other than the potential existence of another lab, the team proceeded to Miller’s known lab, the site of the attack. The door to the lab had a sign stating it was locked down per campus security, but Ryo and Matt heard sounds from inside, so the group entered to find a woman conducting tests. CP claimed they were students looking for Dr. Miller, and the woman, identifying herself as Aubrey (the victim of the attack), said she hadn’t seen him. She finished up some blood tests and left the lab, with the students accompanying her. Mariana tailed Aubrey in her SUV while the others returned to search the lab space.

Marco spotted some water leaking out from the base of a metal storage cabinet, and with a bit of investigation, the group discovered a secret door at the back of the cabinet leading to a second, smaller lab. There they found Dr. Miller, seemingly just waking up from a nap in his office chair. CP claimed the team was here to fix the clogged sink, and when Dr. Miller questioned their apparent status as students, said they were interning. Dr. Miller seemed to accept that and engaged the juniors in conversation until he abruptly shapeshifted into a wolfman. The heroes attempted to attack, but even Troy and CP’s silver slingshot bullets had no significant effect. The wolfman grabbed a folder and made a run for it; despite a valiant attempt to slow him down in a stairwell by Ryo, he made his escape, only slightly injured by slingshot fire from Troy.

Outside, campus security stopped the students and accosted Ryo about carrying an arrow, but CP talked the juniors out of trouble and they escaped as well. With finals behind them, the students head out for some well-deserved summer vacation.

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