Legion of Liberty Session 13

In Ireland, word reaches the Legion that the General Washington they rescued in New York was actually an impostor – the real Washington was transported to England in secret. Agents of the Culper Ring have determined that Washington is imprisoned by the Order of the Seventh Circle, possibly in the London Hellfire Club, where ever that may be. The heroes depart at once for London to mount a rescue after being assured of space on a smuggling ship held there for their use.

On arrival in London, the heroes hit the streets to see if they can determine the location of the Hellfire Club. Francis and Jacoby quickly pick up rumors on the docks of upper-class Londoners frequenting the Shoreditch parish, specifically a tavern called the George and Vulture. With a location in hand, the Legion attempt to disguise themselves as nobles pretending to be slumming, except for Suzanna, who shapeshifts into a horse.

The group arrives at the tavern and enters, to find a wide range of guests drinking ale and gin on the main floor. Suzanna shifts from horse to rat and scouts the inn, while Godot seeks the company of some gentlewomen who have clearly had too much gin. Godot easily persuades one of them to accompany him to the upstairs rooms where the Hellfire debauchery tends to occur, and questions her about the nature of the club, especially about the Order of the Seventh Circle. She has no knowledge of that order, but lets him know that she is petitioning to join the Order of the Second Circle, the sponsors of the club.

As Godot returns, Suzanna reports in that there seems to be no sign of Washington. However, Francis and Jacoby spot an Order minion descending into the basement. They start a fight over spilled beer as a distraction and head downstairs. There, Francis’s experience as a carpenter allows him to identify a false ale cask that conceals a passage further down. At the bottom of the stairs, the Legion finds a corridor lined with doors and ending in another; Francis hears the faint sound of Washington’s voice from the end of the hall. The group manages to sneak to the door, avoiding some minions working in the rooms along the hall, and enters, to find Washington bound and a stranger greeting them.

The stranger explains that he works in service of British hegemony and that he hopes the Legion will opt to work with him rather than against him. He explains the carnage that he claims to have seen 150 years earlier during the English Civil War when Parliamentarians took over government from the monarchy, and says that he expects the same if the colonists succeed in their bid for independence. He also notes that he could be summoning guards, but that he believes that the group will see reason. He is unfazed by Godot teleporting behind him, and easily evades Godot’s attempt to grab him.

Godot, however, manages to convice the stranger that he wants to defect, and offers to shake hands, erasing the stranger’s memory for a moment; Francis takes advantage of that moment to seize Washington and exit at superspeed as the stranger yells for his guards. While Francis fights two of the guards in the hall, the other four plus the stranger prove to be tough opposition for the Legion, and all of them opt to make a run for it, especially after Suzanna is wounded.

The heroes lead the minions of the Order on a chase through the streets of London, using their skills and abilities to set impromptu ambushes and eventually to finish them off, allowing them to take a grateful Washington to their rescue ship.

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