Legion of Liberty Session 15

The Legion returns from France to Rhode Island, where Major General John Sullivan is preparing to assault the British stronghold of Newport. Sullivan is awaiting a covert message from the French which should be smuggled in via Newport, but the courier, Reuben Sacker has disappeared. He was scheduled to arrive in Newport two days ago aboard the merchant sloop Aunt Bess. General Sullivan asks Godot, Francis, and Jacoby to infiltrate Newport and find the message and the messenger; he holds Suzanna in reserve in case the British make an assault on his fortifications.

Francis and Jacoby’s skill with small boats allows them to reach the island of Aquidneck unobserved, and the trio sneaks into town, dodging redcoats and inquiring about Sacker. An hour or so on the streets leads them to the White Horse Tavern, and some ale bought for local fishermen reveals that Sacker was seen leaving the tavern with a non-descript but well-dressed man. Without much more to go on, the heroes find lodgings in an inn in the more prosperous part of Newport.

As Francis enjoys a breakfast of oatmeal, an attractive woman approaches him and subtly questions him about his allegiances. She hints that she has information about Sacker, and Francis opts to bring Godot and Jacoby into the conversation. When Jacoby identifies himself as “The Boston Lobsterman”, she recognizes them as Legionnaires and draws a map for them on the table in spilled ale. The map indicates a house that the woman, Damaris, indicates would be wise for them to visit. Godot mindwipes Damaris, leaving her with the impression that she gave them the information without identifying themselves.

After dark, the Legion continues their successful and stealthy transit through Newport, arriving at what appears to be an abandoned house on the outskirts of the town. They find the door unlocked, but when they enter, they hear the sound of a pistol being cocked and a voice asking them how they convinced Damaris to give up his location. The man identifies himself as Barnabas Mabbet, and says he has Sacker tied up in the cellar. Mabbet says he is an Order operative who wants to defect. He offers up Sacker and his message as well as his own knowledge of Order workings if the group will protect him. Just as Godot agrees, a twig snaps outside, and an unseen force attempts to take control of Francis’s mind.

Order henchmen crash through the windows to engage the heroes, although one is quickly put down by Jacoby’s claws. Francis is controlled by an unknown superhuman outside and opens the door for him, but then manages to shake off the control before he can attack one of his comrades. A melee ensues, with the henchmen firing pistols and Jacoby engaging the enemy super. The superhuman’s powers prove inadequate to damage Jacoby, but one of the henchmen shoots and badly injures Mabbet. The super flees, as do the three surviving henchmen, and Francis is able to patch up Mabbet enough for them to make their escape.

Mabbet proves a useful source of information, identifying several superhumans in the employ of the Order, including at least one that they heroes have yet to encounter.

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