Legion of Liberty Session 21

Since the start of the Revolution in the southern colonies, the Chickamauga Cherokee have been staunch allies of the British. Continental Army spies have discovered that the British are funneling supplies to the Cherokee, and the Legionnaires are dispatched to cut off this line of supply, reducing the Cherokee threat. With help from the Culper Ring, Godot and Jacoby sneak into British-occupied Charleston as laborers hired to work on the fortifications. Suzanna accompanies them shapeshifted into a housecat, carrying Godot’s rifle in her shifted form. A bit of networking in the local public houses reveals that the Cherokee supplies are shipped from Charleston to Savannah on coastal luggers and then taken up the Savannah River. Godot books passage on a ship fro Savannah, claiming to be taking his father’s ashes for burial in Georgia.

On arrival, the heroes spot stevedores loading powder barrels into a flatboat, with several canoes surrounding it manned by Cherokee warriors. The boat itself carries eight Hessian mercenaries in addition to the crew of four sailors. The Legion springs into action, with Godot and Jacoby stealing a canoe to pursue the flatboat and Suzanna shifting into the form of a monstrous alligator. Suzanna catches a catfish on her way to the boat, with the idea of pretending to be an ordinary animal. She attempts to bash through the hull of the boat without success, and accidentally flips her catfish prey onto deck. Seizing the opportunity, she climbs partway onto the deck, only to be wounded by gunfire from the Cherokee and sword strikes from the Hessians.

Seeing Suzanna’s problems, Godot mind-blasts the front of the flatboat, killing four of the Hessians and two of the crew. With the gator still clinging to the side, the British and Cherokee assume that the gator is a rare superpowered animal, and the Cherokee flee. Suzanna, wounded, submerges again to avoid further injury. The semi-panicked British resume their sail as Godot and Jacoby approach, offering help. The pair come aboard and then abruptly strike, with Jacoby shifting to lobster armor and Godot cutting a Hessian’s throat from behind. One sailor dives over the side to swim for shore, with the remaining sailor at the wheel yelling at him, “You forgot about the gator!” The Hessians fire pistols at Godot and Jacoby, but the bullets simply bounce off of Jacoby’s lobster armor.

Meanwhile, Suzanna succeeds in biting off the rudder of the ship as well as bashing a hole in the hull, and the flatboat begins to sink. Jacoby finishes off the Hessians and dives overboard as well, and Godot mind-wipes the British pilot and sends him over the side. The heroes swim to their abandoned (and stolen) canoe and watch the supply boat sink into the river.


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