Savage Malifaux Meet the Characters: Providence McCoy

Player: Ben
Name: Providence McCoy
Profession: Mage, survivalist

  Providence grew up in Australia, and her insatiable curiosity sent her running all around the continent, trekking from the urban areas of the Gold Coast, into the surrounding bush, and all the way out to the remotest stretches of the Outback, where, inspired by Aboriginal culture, she committed to a thorough study of the arcane arts. A shortish, solid, handsome woman with brown hair and blue eyes, Providence is always dressed for rough travel, ever ready to snap out her walking poles and trek to the next remote outpost in search of arcane lore. Her extensive travels have made her competent and resourceful in the most unforgiving environments, and she is just as comfortable lighting a fire from magnesium snowshoe shavings as she is healing an injured comrade with her magical powers. Though occasionally irritating, due to her penetrating inquisitiveness and incessant, often blunt, questioning, all who know her agree that she has good(ish) intentions, and she’s always the first person to lend a helping hand.

  It is obvious to Providence that the next frontier is the wildest, wooliest, most terrifying corners of Malifaux. Rumor has it that the people (or creatures) that lurk in these remote badlands have incredible arcane power and knowledge beyond anything Providence has ever witnessed. Of course, she has also heard rumors that these groups of powerful people are actually cannibalistic cultists, but, imbued with irrepressible optimism, Providence is confident she can convince them to teach her, even if that means she must (at some point) apply knife and fork to some unfortunate soul herself. Bon appetit?

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