Savage Malifaux: Meet the Characters: Anna Mae Hawkins

Player: Lillie
Name: Anna Mae Hawkins
​Profession: Anthropologist

  Although short of stature, Anna Mae is a striking presence, with an elegant Gibson Girl hairstyle and a large pair of spectacles necessary for a life of squinting at footnotes in academic texts. The first woman in her family to attend college, Anna Mae studied anthropology at Bennett College in Greensboro, North Carolina. When the Breach reopened under the totalitarian rule of the Guild, Anna Mae applied for the crossing, stating her intent to study the native cultures of Malifaux and write the definitive text on the Gremlins, and, if she can find them, the Neverborn. Having to report her findings back to the Guild or become a target of their wrath doesn’t sit well with Anna Mae, as she definitely does not want her scholarship used as a weapon against the natives of Malifaux, so she files her reports carefully, with concealed but determined resistance. As a career academic, Anna Mae is an expert at bending bureaucracy to her formidable will.

  Anna Mae is capable of handling a gun thanks to her upbringing in post-Civil War North Carolina, but her first line of defense is always dialogue and negotiation, in honor of her prime directive as a scholar who rigorously respects the cultures she studies. She comes to Malifaux eager to study what she hopes is an egalitarian frontier culture, and as she waits in Santa Fe for the train (Santa Fe, NM has been renamed Breachtown after the reality shattering event that opened the Breach in the first place) Anna Mae sits with a notebook, already taking down her observations, the epitome of scholarly diligence.

Character Image by Lillie

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