Savage Malifaux: Meet the Characters: One-Glove Bernard

Character Name: “One-Glove” Bernard
Player: Steve
Profession: Gremlin pugilist and aspiring rocketeer

  Very few Gremlins have ever seen the blue skies of Earth, Gremlin-kind being in general banned from Earth (and most polite company), but Bernard has made the crossing many times. When Walt Mannic, dressed in his purple sequined tailcoat and top hat, encountered “One Glove” Bernard in Edge Point, Breachside, he watched the Gremlin knock out a Bayou Pig with one mighty punch, all the while smack-talking the audience, the nervous Pig, and Mannic himself. without hardly taking a breath. Mannic knew in that moment he’d found his star attraction. Wooing the Gremlin with whiskey and fine food, which the diminutive green money-maker put down in amazing quantity while simultaneously yammering on the weather, the nefarious nature of Bayou Pigs, and the perfect target that is the human nose, Mannic convinced Bernard to go on tour with him Earthside. In return for a bountiful meal ticket, One Glove would fight any beast presented to him, from badger to polar bear, all with his mighty, rope-wrapped Fist of Doom. As they say, it was a match made in sucker-punching heaven, and now Mannic is returning to Malifaux to turn One Glove Bernard into the star attraction of a big tent, Malifaux Traveling Jubilee™.

  Although he has to travel everywhere in a cage, Bernard is surprisingly good with this arrangement; when he gets bored (usually immediately), he simply picks the lock on his traveling cage and wanders around looking for things to punch. As beating creatures/people/anything into powder and drinking to excess on Mannic’s tab are his two favorite activities, many bars in California have hosted One Glove, treating the Gremlin in his tattered doublet and boxing shorts like a tiny, green, nose-less emperor – so long as Mannic keeps paying the bill.

(Image property of Wyrd Games)

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