Savage Malifaux Session 5: The Grimoire Heist Part 2

Lucius Matheson has offered the heroes a deal. If Anna Mae, Bal, Bernard, Providence, and Zai steal the plague grimoire from Hannah Lovelace of the Freikorps, Lucius will consider their probationary period complete upon delivery of the acquired grimoire. Lucius also provided maps showing the approximate location of the grimoire (in the Freikorps fortress library). Bal has […]

ETU with the Roll20 Gang: Into Hell

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In the last session, the heroes confronted Helen Lane, the leader of the Sweet Heart Foundation, and persuaded her not to kill everyone in the Raven’s Nest, but instead find a non-mass-murderous way to stop the Convergence. Helen admitted that there was at least a small chance the seniors could stop the Convergence by travelling […]

Legion of Liberty: Veiled Fury Interview

Legion of Liberty: Superheroes of 1776 is now 96% funded, and Manuel Sambs of Veiled Fury Entertainment was kind enough to interview Scott about the project. Check out the interview video!

Savage Malifaux Session 4: The Grimoire Heist Part 1

After the zombie fight and their first successful performance at the Star Theatre, the heroes have settled into a period of relative routine; they prep in the morning, have a few hours of leisure in the afternoons, and work a performance shift in the evenings. However, on their afternoon explorations, they have each noticed that […]

Legion of Liberty – All the Actual Plays

 Legion of Liberty: Superheroes of 1776 launched today on Kickstarter! In celebration, here is a list of links (in sequence) for the play-test campaign’s actual-play blog posts. Read about Jacoby Barnes, the Boston Lobster Man; Suzanna, the shapeshifter; Godot, the mysterious psychic; and Francis Parry, the fire-axe-wielding speedster, as they fight their way through the American Revolution!

Savage Malifaux Session 3: Zombie Chase

At the Star Theatre, during Collette DuBois’s illusionist act, what appeared to be zombies broke into the theater and attacked the audience. Most of the shambling creatures chased the escaping audience out the theater’s back doors, but a few zombies stopped short to fight our heroes: Anna Mae, the intrepid anthropologist; Balthazar, the shell-shocked war […]

Board Game Meetup in the Snow

This morning, I (Scott) hosted part of the monthly Beverly, MA Library Board Game Meetup. Thanks to a snow parking ban and generally poor weather, turnout was smaller than usual, but a good dozen gamers braved the frosty air for some gaming action. I and two others arrived well before most of the group, so […]