Savage Malifaux Episode 14: Final Battle!

The heroes have learned that Hamelin, the avatar of the dark Tyrant Plague, needs only the spirit ring of Kirai Ankoku to activate the machine that will raise him to godhood. While Zai carries the wounded Providence to the Governor-General’s mansion for treatment, Bal, Bernard and Anna Mae pursue Hamelin to Kirai’s tower in the […]

Savage Malifaux Episode 13: The Chase

Guided by the prophecies of the Tyrant of Winter, the heroes are exploring the Necropolis underneath Malifaux City for an ancient device that could allow the Tyrant Plague to ascend to godhood. The group moves through a corridor in the Necropolis and approaches a torch-lit space, proceeding very cautiously. The corridor opens into an immense […]

HMC Episode 10: Ship from the Stars

RIFTS Earth: SET Alpha-1-2 encounters a crashed ship that came from outer space. Featuring Jung Soo, Brendan, Frank, Ron, Frankie, and Bob of the Roll20 Gang.