Board Game Review: Root

Root is a strategy board game of woodland conquest for 2-4 players, or 1-6 with expansions. The back story for the game is that the Marquise de Cat has taken advantage of the decadence of the Eyrie Dynasties (pronounced air-y unless you want scowls across the table in my house!) to conquer the woodlands and […]

Relics and Rayguns Session 4: Forest Moon

Following a mysterious set of wormhole exit node coordinates found in an ancient space station, the crew of the Blind Jump arrives in a new solar system, with a hot, Mercury-type planet and a gas giant with an Earth-like moon. They immediately begin scanning for electromagnetic emissions, and quickly trace a faint signal to the […]

Relics and Rayguns: Session 3

The crew of the wormhole prospecting ship Blind Jump has discovered a Founder space station in orbit around a red giant. The station turned out to be both active and defended by biomechanical creatures with sharp claws, but thus far the crew has been able to defeat them. Now the six members of the crew […]

Happy MonsterCast Episode 21

#ActualPlay: The heroes of #SavageWorlds #RIFTS take on Coalition Dead Boys… and meet someone entirely unexpected! #TTRPG #RPG #SWADE #HappyMonster #SavageRIFTS