Sentient Turkeys!

Happy Thanksgiving, residents of the USA! In honor of Thanksgiving, I give you the custom Savage Worlds race, the Sentient Turkey!

Small: Turkeys only stand about 4′ tall (-1 Toughness)
Ugly: Turkeys are really unattractive until cooked (-2 Charisma)
Flight: Despite appearances, sentient turkeys can, in fact, fly (Pace 6, Climb 0)
No Vital Organs: Sentient turkeys have already had their giblets removed (no extra damage from called shots)
Natural Weaponry: Steer clear of the turkey’s claws and beak! (Str+d6 damage, doesn’t count as an unarmed defender)
Survivor: Sentient turkeys need to make sure they don’t end up as dinner. All sentient turkeys have d6 in  Stealth and Notice.


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