What’s Next for Happy Monster? Legion of Liberty!

This Sunday, January 14, will see the first public playtest of Happy Monster’s next setting, Legion of Liberty! In this setting, there’s something about the environment of the New World that causes a small percentage of people born there to develop superhuman abilities. As a result, the European powers have raced to colonize not only for economic benefits, but also to conscript or recruit as many superhumans as possible for their ongoing power struggles.

Now, in 1775, the 13 British colonies are chafing under harsh legislation from the homeland, and revolt is brewing. The British may have the Royal Superhuman Regiment, the notorious Greycoats, but the Sons of Liberty are mustering their own superhumans to lead the fight for freedom.

In other words – it’s the Revolutionary War, but with superheroes.

Keep an eye out on the blog for more developments with Legion of Liberty!


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