As I’ve noted previously, I’ll be running two games at Arisia, so I thought I’d walk through the preparation process. Some assumptions: the adventures I’m running already existed, and I’m running a theater of the mind game, so no minis or maps are required.

  • Bennies: I picked up several small bags of chocolates at the Dollar Store for Bennies. The idea is that when you use a Benny, you eat it.
  • Dice: I have a large bag of miscellanous dice for use as loaners – for me, I have my trusty Easy Roller Dice in a dice cup.
  • Cards: Nothing fancy here, just two decks of Bicycle playing cards, so I always have one ready and shuffled if a joker pops up.
  • Character Sheets: For Children of the Apocalypse, I have the fully-populated form-fillable character sheets for each archetype ready to go. For Legion of Liberty, I have one page character sheets with stats, and also a walkthrough of powers, since those are crucial for a supers game.
  • Table Tents: I also have table tents for each character, including Parry, Toughness, and Charisma stats.
  • Rules: I have the Savage Worlds Explorer’s edition as well as a Powers reference and copies of the GM insert with combat options to help new players.
  • Adventures: While I often run games from a laptop or tablet, I’m travelling light this year, so I have both adventures printed out and tucket into a notebook (for scratch paper).
  • Luggage: Last but not least is my trusty Bag of Holding, veteran of many a con.

Stay tuned for actual play and con reports over the weekend!


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