ETU Actual Play with the Roll20 Gang – March 14

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After finishing midterms, the sophomores were celebrating at the Pizza Barn when one of the servers began flirting with Troy. The server, Brittany, said she’d overheard the team talking about the weird stuff they investigate, and asked if they’d look into something odd that happened to her when visiting her Memaw at the Quiet Rest Villas. When she arrived, she found her grandmother apparently dead on the floor, and the manager of the trailer park kneeling over her. The manager asked her to call 911 and flag down the ambulance at the gate; when she returned, however, Memaw was peacefully gardening. The manager explained that she had fallen while trying to unclog the toilet, but Brittany said that Memaw hasn’t been the same since, and actually told her never to visit again. The group agreed to investigate.

The Quiet Rest Villas were a cluster of old FEMA trailers repurposed as a retirement village. Upon entering, the group noticed a number of loudspeakers mounted on posts throughout the village; CP also caught the fact that almost none of the air conditioners were running on a hot, muggy spring day. The residents seemed all to be in their trailers watching TV. Memaw’s trailer turned out to be unlocked, and the group entered, seeing her sitting watching TV and not moving. Their efforts to attract her attention were in vain, and when Matt touched her she seemed to be room temperature. Troy, CP, Marco and Matt carried her outside while Mariana called 911 and Ryo investigated a neighboring trailer. The sounds of approaching sirens abruptly stopped, and did not resume; Mariana decided to check out the gate, and drove down to discover the park manager in the process of sending the ambulance away. Seeing her, he grabbed a walkie talkie and yelled “Intruders, get ’em”, echoed by the loudspeakers throughout the park.

Geriatric zombies erupted from most of the trailers; in Ryo’s trailer, an elderly couple tried to kill him, while Memaw attacked CP and more converged on the group. The park manager attacked Mariana with a tire iron, but didn’t manage to connect before she pulled away, plowing over several zombies with her SUV. Matt managed to grapple MeMaw while CP and Marco engaged with fists and baseball bat, supported by Troy’s wrist rocket. Ryo dispatched his two zombies fairly quickly, and Mariana ran down the park manager, killing him. She grabbed his walkie talkie and told the zombies to stand down, which they fortunately did. Checking out the body, she noticed a weird amulet around its neck…

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