ETU Actual Play with the Roll20 Gang – March 21

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With the trailer-park senior citizen zombies neutralized, Mariana returned to the park manager, to find him dead as a result of her SUV hit and run. The SUV itself suffered only minor damage. The strange skull amulet around the body’s neck clearly seemed magical, but investigation of the manager’s trailer found only a large pile of empty envelopes from the Social Security Administration. This discovery really pushed the team into thinking the park manager was no great loss. CP and Matt collaborated on the Banish the Darkness ritual to remove the power from the amulet; this left the students with the problem of explaining the large collection of dead bodies. CP hit on the idea of forging a suicide note and torching the manager’s body in his truck, which proved successful; the only repercussions from the incident were Brittany from Pizza Barn picking up a nice inheritance, which she planned to use to attend ETU in the fall.

Marco became aware of a pattern of strange incidents involving a college radio talk show host. Wes, the host of “Shock Therapy”, was making outrageous suggestions to students about how to handle their problems – suggestions that seemed to be followed regularly. After hearing about an assault prompted by the show, the team agreed to investigate. Digging into Wes’s background determined that he was generally considered a nice guy on campus; his producer, Dave, confirmed the idea, and also mentioned that he didn’t like working with the previous host, Hannah. The team split up – Ryo and Mariana went to check out Hannah, while the others planned to attend that evening’s broadcast of “Shock Therapy”. Mariana plied Hannah with liquor, and got her to confess to casting rituals on Wes, first to curse his recording booth, and soon to unleash a demon on him. Mariana took her back to her dorm room and kept drinking until Hannah passed out, then searched the room, finding her spell book and stealing it.

Meanwhile, Troy noticed an aura of evil around the microphone Wes was using, and CP and Matt used their banish the darkness ritual to destroy it. As soon as they did, Wes’s demeanor returned to normal, and his charisma on-air vanished. Later in the week, Wes’s show was canceled; Hannah decided to both ask Mariana out to dinner and to apply for her old job back.  Meanwhile, sophomore year finals were approaching…

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