Legion of Liberty Session 0

The playtest of Legion of Liberty has begun! In this new setting, it is 1774, and tensions between the American colonies and the Parliament and Crown of Britain are rising. The colonies are strategically important to Britain not only for their economic potential, but also because in North and South America, a small percentage of children are born with superhuman abilities. Since the discovery of the Americas, these superhumans have become an important military asset to the European powers, and most are immediately drafted into their home countries’ armies.

Samuel Adams, one of the leaders of the Sons of Liberty and the resistance to British oppression, has been assembling young superhumans to keep them away from the British Royal Superhuman Regiment press gangs. He has managed to bring in four young people:

  • Suzanna/Tahki – a half-indigenous woman with the ability to assume the shapes of animals
  • Godot – a mysterious immigrant from French Canada who can alter and erase memories
  • Francis Parry – a New England sailor who acquired severe seasickness when his powers appeared, and who can manifest a flaming axe, deflect attacks with bursts of fire, and run at an astonishing pace
  • Jacoby Barnes – a Boston dockman who can generate the claws and armored shell of a lobster

Adams has dispatched these four young heroes to recruit a fifth: the Honorable John Lyttelton, son of the former governor of South Carolina. John’s father bought him out of the Greycoats (the nickname for the Superhuman Regiment), but he has fallen in with the patriot Charles Pinckney in Charleston, and is now under house arrest. Adams’s four are now enroute to Charleston by ship to attempt to break Lyttelton out and spirit him away to Boston…

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