Legion of Liberty Session 3: The Battle of Concord

First, a side note – this session ran on Patriots’ Day, a Massachusetts holiday that commemorates the real-world battles of Lexington and Concord.  Now, on to the adventure:

Sam Adams and John Hancock have taken refuge in the town of Lexington, and have received word that a large British force with superhuman support is planning to march on Concord to confiscate militia arms and powder. Adams is working to muster militia forces to counter the British, but needs time to assemble as many troops as possible. He tasks the heroes with delaying the British advance by any means possible.

John achieves the first delay by transmuting some of the bridge supports along the road into clay, causing them to collapse when used. He also transmutes areas of the road into mud or quicksand, further delaying the British advance. Godot attempts a deception; he allows himself to be captured in hopes of planting a false memory in the British commander that he is a double-agent and has useful information, but unfortunately is not able to marshal his powers to plant the false memory. Fortunately, he is able to erase the memories of the officer charged with tying him to a caisson, and is therefore able to escape.

Suzanna, in addition to monitoring the British advance as a hawk, succeeds in transforming into a thunderbird, washing lightning over the British ranks and detonating some of their powder reserves, seriously disrupting their forces. The final delay comes from John, who uses his summoned stone bodyguard to set off a powder keg, injuring several of the British advanced guard.

As a result of these delays and damages, the colonists meet the British with nearly even numbers and the advantage of superior terrain. Godot, Francis and Jacoby all engage in the battle, with Jacoby especially wreaking havoc with his armored lobster form. All three are injured, but John is able to heal everyone except Godot, who is seriously hurt.

Clever tactics on the part of the colonists result in the complete destruction of the British force, with over 200 redcoats taken captive. Godot is able to recover over the next few weeks, as the colonists close in and besiege Boston.

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