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ETU Actual Play with the Roll20 Gang – 4/18/18

The juniors’ new adventure began with a call to Matt, who had become a fairly celebrated on-campus journalist. The caller claimed to have an explanation for a series of pet disappearances, which rumor credited to a Satanic cult. Matt agreed to pay the caller for his information and to meet him at the Pinebox Cemetery Tuesday night. “Bring a camera,” the caller suggested, but Matt did more than that – he brought the rest of the team as well.

At the cemetery, the caller, who identified himself as Lester, met the students at the entrance, then took them to a hiding place where he said they would be able to see a genuine chupacabra. Nearby, a couple of the students saw a whimpering puppy chained to a tree. After a couple of hours of waiting, a rustling of branches heralded a grey form descending from the treetop towards the chained pup. Mariana and Lester both drew pistols and fired, but both missed; Ryo and Marco charged the creature, which on closer inspection appeared to be some kind of undead baboon.

The team’s initial attacks only seemed to irritate the creature, who snatched up the puppy and started to climb the tree, only to be hindered by the chain. This gave Ryo and Marco the chance to strike again, and that, combined with some flash photography from Matt and gunfire from Mariana, led the baboon to abandon the puppy and take to the trees. Moments later, it leapt down from the treetops to attack Lester. However, Ryo quickly dashed to the rescue and neatly decapitated the baboon. Lester ran for it while the team inspected the creature, finding an ETU biology lab tag.  Following up on this lead, they discovered that Lester’s fiance, a junior professor, had been experimenting with a drug to sustain brain and heart function in wounded patients, and Lester had administered the drug to a dying baboon as a prank. The professor agreed to destroy her work and pursue other avenues of research because of this horrible incident.


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