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ETU Actual Play with the Roll20 Gang – 4/25/18

As first semester finals draw near, the sleuths receive an unexpected call from a local businesswoman – who also happened to be listed on the “New Black Guard” roster the team discovered in an early adventure. The woman invites them to her home and congratulates them on their contributions to the community, then gives each a $100 check and a mysterious lapel pin which she says will gain them help from other people in the community. The juniors attempt to investigate the symbol on the pin without success.

Meanwhile, CP has been cast in a movie currently shooting on campus. The movie “Son of Gore of Doom” is the sequel to a movie shot two years ago… and, much like CP’s play last year, mysterious occurrences are cropping up during the shoot. Troy’s check with ghost-hunting gear shows activity on set, and so the team digs into the history of the film. The star of the previous film disappeared shortly after filming her gruesome final death scene, and the team suspect foul play.

Interviewing Doctor Trina James doesn’t give much information – she is cheerful, offers other members of the team snacks, and suggests that they might want to join the production in bit parts. Dr. James says she doesn’t know what happened to Maggie, the star of the previous production, but that she thinks she left town with a new boyfriend.

CP interviews Dr. Connor Mayes, the former drama teacher now imprisoned thanks to the student’s ghost hunting. Mayes is surly at first, but CP charms him into revealing that Dr. James wanted ultra-realism on set, and that they quarreled over the decision for the heroine to die in the last scene. The team decides to interview the three grad students who were involved in the previous film. These three prove more anxious, and it quickly becomes clear that Maggie met with some sort of foul play.

Just as this information comes to light, Dr. James enters the room, and draws a Glock from her purse, demanding that everyone freeze. Troy attempts a shot with his slingshot without success, and Ryo advances but takes a round to the shoulder in the process. Nevertheless, he is able to hit her hard. Meanwhile, the other three grad students pull knives; CP quickly knocks one out, Mariana shoots a second square in the head, and Frank and Marco move in on the third…


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