Legion of Liberty Session 4

With the British penned up in Boston, colonial General Artemas Ward orders the fortification of Breed’s and Bunker Hills in Charlestown, with an eye to forcing the British to evacuate or face bombardment. The British, knowing their position would be untenable under such bombardment, plan a major attack across the Charles River to take the hills from the colonists. General Ward orders the heroes into a reserve position, standing by in case the British deploy their Greycoats.

Initially, the colonial militia forces are successful in defending the hills, but powder supplies soon run short, and some begin to abandon the defenses. General Israel Putnam, now in command, orders the Legion to convey powder wagons across the causeway to provide the desperately needed supplies of ammunition for the defenders. However, the causeway is difficult to negotiate because of troops evacuating Charlestown as well as fire from British gunboats.

John transmutes some dirt into false powder barrels, and Francis mounts the cart horse for this decoy load and drives the cart onto the bridge. Suzanna and John mount cart horses to guide them as well, and John summons his stone guardian to carry the last cart by hand, with Jacoby clearing the path through force of clawed intimidation. A British shell detonates the wagon carried by John’s guardian, destroying the guardian and knocking Francis’s decoy wagon into the harbor, but the others carry on. Godot swims for one of the British gunboats and sneaks aboard, where he is able to implant a memory of the colonials boarding one of the other gunboats and attacking it; his successful diversion distracts the ship’s crew and keeps them from firing for a few crucial minutes. Francis also attempts to set another gunboat on fire with his axe, but without success. The team manages to get two powder wagons through, providing the ammunition needed for the colonial militia to hold fast, and the British attack is repulsed, leading to Britain abandoning Boston less than a month later.

With Boston in colonial hands, the newly-formed Continental Army turns its attention to the British stronghold of New York City. Intelligence from the city suggests that the British do not trust some of their colonial-born Greycoats, and are holding their families hostage in New York for their good behavior. Sam Adams believes that rescuing these hostages might convince some of the British superhumans to change sides. He dispatches the team to New York to meet with Robert Townsend, a tavern owner posing as a British loyalist to gather information. Townsend provides the heroes with an escape boat and the location of the hostages, who are being held in the former home of Henry Rutgers, a wealthy Patriot.

At the Rutgers mansion, Suzanna shapeshifts into a mouse and investigates the house, discovering three families held in separate locked rooms. She also discovers that the only entrance to the house is the front door, which is guarded by four British regulars. As the team waits for a shift change to make their move, they see a three armed civilians and a Greycoat approach. One civilian and the Graycoat enter the house, and the other two take guard positions at the door. After an hour or so, the two emerge, with the civilian threatening the Greycoat’s family and suggesting that the British might not need superhumans at all after they have achieved world hegemony.

With the guards reduced once again, Francis does an impression of a drunken sailor as a distraction, allowing the team to get the drop on the guards. Suzanna shapeshifts out of mouse form and quickly dispatches one of the redcoats, with Godot taking out another. The remaining two get bayonet hits in on Godot and Francis before being overpowered. The team rescues the hostages and evacuates them by boat to Brooklyn, where they take ship with a blockade runner to Boston.

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