Legion of Liberty Session 5

November, 1775 – With the British routed from Boston on Evacuation Day, the Commander in Chief of the new Continental Army, General George Washington, arrived in Boston to take command of the forces there, with the intention of marching on and laying siege to New York City. Washington ordered the heroes to board the privateer Tyrannicide under Captain John Fisk and sail for the waters off New York to intercept British supply ships headed for the city. Francis begged Washington for another assignment, knowing his problems with seasickness, but Washington insisted that the blockade effort was critical to capturing New York.

During the voyage, Francis and Jacoby assisted with the work of the ship, while John ingratiated himself with the captain, Suzanna rested, and Godot gambled with the crew (losing $10 in the process). Godot also struck up a friendship with an enigmatic African man, Remy, who would say only that he hailed from New Orleans.

A week or so into the blockade, on a foggy December morning, the Tyrranicide caught sight of a British convoy led by a sloop of war, the Glasgow. Despite being outgunned and outmanned by the British ship, Fisk attacked, and clever handling plus some timely advice from John allowed him to get off a devastating first broadside. After another exchange of cannonfire, the Tyrannicide was able to grapple and board the Glasgow, and Fisk ordered the heroes to fight aft and capture the British captain.

Suzanna shifted into a sperm whale and rammed the British ship, sending the crew off-balance and buying Jacoby, Francis, and John a moment of surprise to board the ship. Jacoby and Francis began methodically attacking the crew, fighting their way aft, aided by rifle fire from Godot and distracting tail slaps and spouts from Suzanna. After failing to do any damage with his pistols, John had the bright idea of transmuting the deck under the British to water, sending them tumbling into the lower deck. Suzanna shifted into a giant crab and climbed aboard just as Francis reached the British captain; with an enormous crab claw around his neck, he was compelled to surrender.

Each hero received a share of the plunder, and with the shortage of supplies, Washington was able to capture New York with minimal losses.

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