ETU Actual Play with the Roll20 Gang – 5/16/18

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The gang continued their fight with the evil professors, with Matt stabbing the one remaining professor and Ryo knocking out the leader. The team then spend considerable time debating their next move, including the possibility of taking the bodies with them, before finally deciding on framing the cult leader for the attacks. Their frame-up was successful, and they managed to escape without any long-term consequences.

A few weeks later, Ryo and Matt failed to show up for the usual morning Starbucks meetup. The others were concerned for a bit, especially when neither responded to text messaging. All of the others remembered a strange dream in which they had a compulsion to visit a self-storage facility. Some quick research revealed that the only such facility nearby was the ITS-A-LOCK franchise in Pinebox. The students headed there quickly, and Troy’s psychic abilities led them to a large hanger-like structure in the back, where they heard the sound of chanting…

Meanwhile, Ryo and Matt had been compelled to enter the structure late the previous night, and both had been chained to sacrificial altars and had symbols painted in blood on their bodies. Neither had managed to escape, and things looked grim… 

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